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Listen to the Graves

I grew up next to a graveyard. As a child the calm darkness made me uncomfortable – my bedroom looked out over the graveyard and often I found myself at night pressed against my bedroom window. I stared at the flickering candle lights and the shadows they threw and imagined things climbing out of graves.

As a teenager that fear faded. The graveyard was the only green area in the neighborhood and until the security was tightened it actually became our smoke-and-meet spot, a place where our parents would never look for us.

Since then graveyards seem to me more like parks. I think of them as places where I can go to relax and read a book without disturbance. There are always pretty flowers around.

I got my job offer before I even graduated. I didn’t have much time to go apartment hunting. So I wouldn’t say that I particularly looked for an apartment near a graveyard, but I certainly didn’t mind it either. Continue reading

For the love of god please stay inside

I don’t know how to warn anybody else, but please believe me: If you are in a big city on the east coast please stay inside and barricade your door and windows.

Today is one of those nights where I’m incredibly happy that our block of flats is surrounded by a large spiked metal fence, but if you don’t have that please NOW go and block your windows and doors. Our fence is pretty strong and we have a security guard, so our front door is only glass, but you can’t believe how happy I was when it shut behind me.

Lachlan the security guard gave me nearly a heart attack when I came in; he always comes around the corner with this huge grin. But this is not about Lachlan; it’s about the guy on the street that scared me to death. Continue reading