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Dalton V. // Without a Choice

Dalton V. was delivered to us on Wednesday. When I say ‘delivered’ I mean it precisely that way – his hands were bound behind his back, his legs were shackled together and his mouth was gagged. He fought against the shackles, his whole body constantly seemed to be shaking. Both of his arms were heavily bandaged.

His short black hair was well groomed and his beard trimmed short. We were warned that Dalton, an athletic 28 year old would likely “try to harm himself and others” if given the opportunity.

About four months ago, the 22nd of February, a twelve year old girl called Jillian disappeared on her way home from school. A witness saw the girl pushing her bright red bicycle along a side road.

The search mission as well as the appeals to the public were unsuccessful. The police received a whole barrage of hints about Jillian’s whereabouts and at least one witness mentioned a white van. Continue reading

You might have heard that recently four large egg farms were shut down because of “bird flu.” That is a lie. Here is what really happened.

My girlfriend bought the eggs. It was at a big supermarket chain but I rather not say which one. She brought them home on Friday evening and Saturday morning I wanted to make crèpe for us. Crèpe, not pancakes, that’s been our Saturday morning ritual since Christmas.

I pulled the pack of eggs from the fridge. I opened it on the counter and took three eggs out. The first one was fine, or at least it looked fine, and went straight in the mixing bowl.

The second one felt much lighter but I didn’t think about that. I cracked it open on the side of the bowl like the first. The shell shattered into a lot of tiny pieces. It was empty.

It was a bit surprised but I figured that could happen somehow. Maybe the chicken was sick or something. I felt a bit disgusted but I didn’t think much about it.

I fished the shell out of the bowl and took the third one. It felt normal again. I bumped it carefully against the side of the bowl and had to try it four or five times until it finally cracked. The white and yolk flowed out perfectly normal. I examined it to make sure, but there was nothing wrong about it, there wasn’t even a fetus like you sometimes get with organic eggs.

But I needed three eggs. Without much thought I took another one from the carton and instantly froze. It was too light. I felt the shell give in under my fingers. Continue reading


Jannah is a petite lady. Now she is 29, back then she was 24. She had just found her new apartment. She had just started her new job. She worked in a large mansion near Forêt.

At 6pm Jannah sat at the bus stop. The first trees began just a few steps to her right. A car stopped. A dark-skinned man got out. He spoke French.

“To the center?” he asked.

Jannah nodded.

“I take you,” he said. Continue reading

They Took My Wife

I was upstairs when the doorbell rang. Sydney was downstairs. I heard her footsteps moving towards the door and my attention shifted back to the screen in front of me.

I heard her say “Hi.” Then she screamed.

Her scream stopped before I had even pushed myself out of the chair. I heard something soft falling on the tiled floor.

My feet flew down the stairs. By the time I reached the front door I saw two men running towards a black van. They threw Sydney’s body in the back. The van started. I ran towards the car, screaming. The van started driving and they jumped inside.

Before the door slammed shut one of them smiled at me.

For a moment I ran after it, then the van turned a corner. It didn’t even have number plates.

I ran back inside to grab my keys and phone. The car started and a moment later I was on the road. Continue reading

Hailey’s Myth

In my town we have a local legend about a girl called Hailey. Hailey lived in the 1950s and was normal in all respects – dark hair, biggish nose, maybe she was a bit on the tall side. But what happened to her, I believe, is not very normal.

In the evening a man approached her on the street. He wore a beige trench coat and a hat with a large brim on all sides. The moment she noticed him Hailey felt on edge, a tickling sensation spread in her lower spine. The man said Hi and Hailey, cautiously, responded likewise.

He smiled. Then, quickly, he pulled a flask from his coat and threw a black liquid in her direction.

Hailey woke up in the early morning. A woman was shaking her and from somewhere a police car was coming closer. The only thing she knew for sure was that the liquid had hit her. She said it felt like cold water.

The boils came two days later. They began small, like the small red spots on a teen’s face, but their color was that of normal skin. They grew quickly. Continue reading

Mannequin Dance

The girl threw her light brown hair over her shoulder. Her yellowed teeth smiled at me and I tried hard to ignore the blackness of decay between them.

“Are you just going to stare at me?”

“No,” I said. “Sorry.”

She laughed.

“Stephanie, how long have you lived on the street?”

“It’s nearly two years now.”

“May I ask, why?” Continue reading