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In My Blood

I woke up. When I looked to my right Roxana was just climbing out of bed.

“What are you doing?”

She didn’t respond. Her movements were slow but directed.

“You okay?”

She started walking. Her hand pressed the door handle down.


My childhood wasn’t easy. First there was no father, then there was one, then my mother was gone.

They arrested her partner. I remember sitting in a large room with brown walls. Many people were staring at me. I sat at a small table. The old man that sat higher to my right scared me. An old woman kept asking me questions.

“Did you hear a fight?”

“What did you see that night?”

“Did he hurt you?”

At some point I started talking. I remember wondering what answers the old lady was looking for. Sometimes, when she seemed unhappy with my answer, I said I remembered something else. Continue reading

The Yellow House

This is a fictionalized account of real events. The link to the real events is at the bottom of this story. I apologize if anyone is offended or hurt by this account – I mean it to cause attention for the issue, not to harm those involved.

It was 1998. A Saturday. 3am. An overdose of caffeine kept me awake. My legs shivered as I stood at the window with my eyes onto the street. I stood only half in the window, my head slanted towards the side. I hoped the darkness of my room would keep me hidden.

It was not the first time that I watched the street. My eyes were on the yellow house with the basement window that was never light during the day but always lit at night.

A car stopped. A badly done white paintjob, the left rear light was broken. Two men got out. Between them staggered a woman. Drunk? Drugged? I never knew. Continue reading

Tonight’s story…

I will keep tonight’s story for a special occasion. Instead I publish a story I wrote initially in May and submitted to a contest at the time. It wasn’t successful, but in return you get it here!

The Best Friend

We rang the doorbell and my mother answered.

“I brought a friend,” I said. “This is Dalton.”

“Oh,” my mother replied. “I thought that would happen someday.”

There was a crowd of kids at the back of the class laughing about something. One of the girls kept saying “Eww.” When I shoved my way through their ranks I found him in the middle. He sat on the floor and a squeaking mouse was wriggling in his hand. Just the tips of the mouse’s feet touched the floor and it desperately moved its legs to try and grab hold. Every so often its legs touched the blue plastic floor, but Dalton didn’t allow it to run away.

When I reached the front of the crowd Dalton looked up.

“You,” he said. “Hold her for me.”

[continue reading]

This important. Not joke. Problem lake Partowin. Please tell more!

Please read. This important. Told us “Not talk” but danger for many. Get away from water.

You have heard lake Vostok drilling project. I work engineer at brother project lake Partowin. Old old lake under ice but not deep as Vostok. Not famous because Vostok more deep.

Before three days we first drill into Partowin. I not know what found but after was smell and people loud.

After helicopters came and brought important people and soldiers. All wear plastic.

Soldiers told us “go to beds” and after men with weapon stood outside doors. They covered glass so we not see.

Before sun rise soldier came in house. Woke us up and said to cover eyes. When we asked “No” he showed gun to us. Continue reading

“I have just one condition.”

“Look,” Jeremy said. “I know how high rents normally are. I’m letting the room below market value. I have just one condition.”

“What?” I asked.

“Can I trust you?” he asked.


Jeremy smiled.

“Good. My only condition is that you never step into the third bedroom.”

“I guess that’s okay.”

“I’m serious. The door is locked anyway, so don’t even try. But no matter what you hear or smell or see, no matter what happens, even if the door is unlocked – you can never open the door. And especially you can never step inside.”

“What is…”

“Don’t ask.” Continue reading