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River People 4: Dry River

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I’m sorry it took me so long to update; nobody in the hospital had a charger that matched my phone and in her condition I didn’t want to leave Kristy alone. The doctors say that the long time in the heat basically boiled her skin and some of her muscles and maybe even her brain are affected too. They say that she will survive, but they are still not sure whether Kristy will need a skin transplant.

I was nearly eight hours alone in that windowless room. The smell got worse by the minute and at some point the dark toilet water began to bubble. I thought that one of those things would jump out and kill me.

Instead only a hand came out; an adult-sized hand with slimy black skin. Continue reading

River People 2: River Men

You should read River People 1: River Children first.

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The night was horrible. Neither of us managed to sleep properly. Kristy rolled from side to side while I alternated between staring at the drawn curtains and staring at the closed bathroom door.

We showered together. No way that either of us stays alone with those things around. At about 8 we had breakfast, by the time we got back to our room there was an officer standing outside our door.

I can’t even begin to describe how frustrating this is. They treated us like criminals, separated and interrogated for nearly three hours. It seems they asked Kristy the same questions as me: Continue reading

River People 1: River Children

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I thought it was just water. Just muddy water, deep enough that the tallest person would not be able to touch bottom and surface at the same time. Our house is about forty steps away – enough to keep the smell away, but not enough to avoid the yearly flood from drowning our garden.

We lived here for four years and we always liked that river despite the smell and lack of life. I heard once that flowing water keeps witches away, maybe that’s part of it. And of course it’s nice to have free water for the garden.

The summer we moved in I tried to swim in the river, but while the air was burning the water was cold as if it had just come off a glacier. I always thought that was strange. I’ve been to the river’s spring though – a waterfall that comes right out of a nearby mountain. Back at the spring the water is clear. Continue reading

The Legend of Arangara

Might be unsuitable for younger readers.

„I know I shouldn’t have slept outdoors.” Jonathan was rubbing the large red bulge on his stomach. “I didn’t know such things could happen!” Suddenly Jonathan’s eyes opened wide, his arm swung backwards and he smashed his hand forcefully against his leg.

He wiped the squishy mass off his hand and began to cry. “I just want it to stop!”

“It was not even a month ago, when I was in Brazil with my friends. We were based in a small village, but during the day we always went out to explore the forests.” Jonathan’s freckled face was smiling. “There were so many amazing animals and plants. The best were the birds and the colorful flowers, but we also saw some bigger animals – snakes, even boars. It was great.”

Jonathan looked grim again. “But I never liked the insects. There were so many scorpions, spiders, mosquitos, ants, god it were so many! And I hated them right from the beginning, the way the mosquitos followed us and the way every hole seemed to hide a scorpion or spider. My friend Francesca didn’t mind. Once she even took a stick, stuck it in an ant hill and waited for the ants to climb on her arm. She had planned to just flick them off one at a time, but then there were just too many of them and even as she brushed them off more and more climbed on her. She panicked and while trying to get away she fell backwards and right into the hill. By the time we pulled her out the ants were all over her clothes, even in her hair and climbing in her ears! God, she looked horrible with those red marks all over her body.” Continue reading