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Dalton V. // Without a Choice

Dalton V. was delivered to us on Wednesday. When I say ‘delivered’ I mean it precisely that way – his hands were bound behind his back, his legs were shackled together and his mouth was gagged. He fought against the shackles, his whole body constantly seemed to be shaking. Both of his arms were heavily bandaged.

His short black hair was well groomed and his beard trimmed short. We were warned that Dalton, an athletic 28 year old would likely “try to harm himself and others” if given the opportunity.

About four months ago, the 22nd of February, a twelve year old girl called Jillian disappeared on her way home from school. A witness saw the girl pushing her bright red bicycle along a side road.

The search mission as well as the appeals to the public were unsuccessful. The police received a whole barrage of hints about Jillian’s whereabouts and at least one witness mentioned a white van. Continue reading

Job Center

She told me to take the small lift, the one around the corner. I think that’s where it all went wrong.

I lost my job six months ago. I sent out hundreds, literally hundreds, of applications. I got two phone interviews – and the rest either didn’t reply or sent the type of response seems to have been made specifically to crush your soul:

We had an unusually high amount of applicants and sadly cannot consider your application at this time. The high amount of applications sadly prevents us from giving detailed feedback on your application. We wish you best of luck…

Else I would never have gone there. I want to get a job. There are a few lazy slobs, but I’m not one of them. I’m not bumming around and hoping for hand-outs. Like most other unemployed I’m just an honest guy that fell on hard times. It shouldn’t be like that, it shouldn’t be a walk of shame just to go to a government-funded agency that helps you to get a job. Still I went early in the morning to make sure that no friends would see me on the street. Continue reading