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“There might be some noise.”

“There might be some noise.”

That’s what she had said. A phrase that did not even begin to describe what we heard every night. Those agonized screams; nothing a human should ever make.

We had just signed the contract and wanted to go from house to house to introduce ourselves to the neighbors. Hers was the door to our right, the first door we knocked on. “J&K” was written on the doorbell in fancy letters.

She must have been around sixty but her pale skin and the large dark rings around her eyes made her look at least a decade older.

“I’m Kristina,” she said. “And I want to apologize in advance. My husband is not really well and sometimes there might be some noise.” Continue reading

Taxi to Hell

If it had been just me I would have been willing to believe that the whole ride was just some sort of nightmarish hallucination. But it wasn’t just me. Alyson and Mitra stepped into the taxi with me. And they both remember the exact same thing.

It was last Saturday. We were at the birthday party of one of Alyson’s high school friends. Mitra, Alyson’s little sister, tagged along just because she happened to be in town. I think she mostly came along because she knew some of the guys that would be around.

The party went into the early morning hours. A few minutes after 2am I called the taxi. The agent told us a car would arrive within less than ten minutes.

Standing at the side of the road the first raindrops hit our heads. Alyson fled under my coat with a squeaking noise and Mitra, an honest third wheel, looked on with a confusion of disgust, jealousy and amusement.

We saw the taxi moving around the corner. It seemed unusually slow but else the car looked alright. We flagged the car down, squeezed on the back seat and told the driver the address to our apartment. Without a word he began driving. Continue reading

Deep Inside My Head

The water was slowly washing the shampoo out of my hair when my left ear suddenly turned quiet. Quiet might be the wrong word – it was more like white noise, a faint, slightly high-pitched noise suddenly had been layered on top of the normal shower noises.

That wasn’t something unusual in itself. I had it before; some water is suddenly pressed through the eardrum and it takes a while for your system to fix the problem.

After washing the last drops of shampoo off my skin I turned the shower off and stepped outside. The fresh air made me shiver. I grabbed my towel – and before I had even begun to dry my body my hearing had returned.

I would have forgotten it, like all the other times. But the next morning it was back. Only seconds after I ran the warm water over my face my left ear was turned into a random noise generator. By the time I finished my shower I had a headache. Continue reading

“I have just one condition.”

“Look,” Jeremy said. “I know how high rents normally are. I’m letting the room below market value. I have just one condition.”

“What?” I asked.

“Can I trust you?” he asked.


Jeremy smiled.

“Good. My only condition is that you never step into the third bedroom.”

“I guess that’s okay.”

“I’m serious. The door is locked anyway, so don’t even try. But no matter what you hear or smell or see, no matter what happens, even if the door is unlocked – you can never open the door. And especially you can never step inside.”

“What is…”

“Don’t ask.” Continue reading