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The Curse of Love

“shittynarrator” kindly narrated this story:

I have never seen two people as much in love as Dustin and Kayla. They met at work and from their first kiss on did everything together. They spent the nights in the same bed, the days in the same office, the meals at the same table, the evenings with the same friends, in the same bars and clubs and they were planning the rest of their lives together.

My brother had loved his previous girlfriends Lynell and Marie too, but neither of them even remotely as much as Kayla. Occasionally he still talked about his exes, told me how they were doing or that Lynell and Marie were still looking as great as they had looked when he first met them. But there wasn’t any love in his voice anymore, just a factual description of their lives the way most men and women keep an interest in the lives of the people they shared beds with in the past. Continue reading