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The Pure Wolf

“There’s a wolf inside you,” that’s what Steve always said.

He had an animal for all of us. The small kid with the bad vision, he had a secret badger at his core. The blonde that never wore anything but a ponytail was secretly a snake. Steve himself, with his quick and snappy punches was a scorpion. And I, I was a wolf.

There was something true about his animals, I can’t deny that. The more hours I spent in his lessons the more I saw the animal in each of us. The way the blonde moved quickly from side to side; the way the bespeckled kid was slow to attack but vicious and unstoppable when he was close – it was all there.

I liked being a wolf. Steve said it was a bad animal to be.

“Wolves need their pack,” he always said. “You should never hunt alone.”

First my parents had signed me up for wing chun classes. They said that they wanted me to exercise more. In reality they wanted me to gain self-confidence, but that’s not something you tell your child. Continue reading

He Caught Me

It started when I was 14 years old. My parents sent me to bed. As usual I spent about an hour under the blanket with my flashlight and a book. Of course my parents knew that I didn’t go to sleep straight away – but they didn’t mind the books.

At some point I turned the lights off. With three big steps I jumped into my bed to avoid the dark space under the bed.

I woke up screaming. The bright lights. A steady beep. My mother, crying. A man in a white coat came running into the room.

“How do you feel?” asked a male voice.

“Oh god,” I said. “There was somebody following me.”

“Just a nightmare,” said the male voice. The doctor who the voice belonged to smiled.

Noise, shaking, adrenalin, nothing had woken me up.

They told me I had slept for one and a half days.

I had to stay another night. As I slept normal they let me go in the morning.

“Bring him here if it happens again.” Continue reading