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They Keep Digging

Okay. This is going to sound crazy, but I promise I’m not crazy. It’s 4am now and I might be dead tired, but this is real and I’m not just imagining it.

Those diggers outside, they keep moving.

There’s two of them. It’s one of those annoying building sites where the workers start around 6:30am, just so they can wake normal people up, and they keep going until the early afternoon. They started shortly before Christmas and this must be an important thing because this hole is massive and they’ve been at it every day. But like those building sites are, not a single time did the workers stay until the evening and they certainly never worked during the night. And I’ve been looking out there for the last hours and there was definitely no worker out there.

But I have no doubt anymore that those diggers keep moving by themselves. Continue reading

The Orange Sun and the Smell of Chocolate Chip Cookies

The sweet smell of chocolate, one of the warm and soft cookies melting on my tongue. My grandmother smiled, then turned back towards the sink to clean the tray.

The orange sun rained warmth on us. With my fingers still sticky I sneaked up to her side, grabbed a cookie from the white plate and quickly ran back to my chair.

“Hey,” she said. Then she laughed.

I reclined on my chair with both hands on the cookie. The backrest knocked against the only wood-paneled kitchen wall. A dull, hollow sound. Then my chair slipped.

During those two weeks in the hospital the orange sun and sweet chocolate air filled my head. That might be why this moment still lives so vividly in my wind. Whenever I remember that moment I can place my hand back into the scene; the coldness of the wooden chair and the warmth of the sunrays on my skin. It is the last memory in which I can still see my grandmother with brown hair. The movie that lives in my head just lacks the end; the fall. The best of hundreds of memories in that kitchen. Continue reading

“We went for grandpa.”

It’s now been two months since his father died. We had been to the funeral and I knew that losing his father must have been painful. Still he just held our son’s hand and sat there silently. No tears, no sadness on his face. Just a calm face with a hint of concern. A few times he looked down to Ian and nodded to himself.

We watched as they closed the casket and walked in the first row when they carried it out to the grave. They lowered it inside. There was another speech. I threw a flower and my husband and son threw soil.

On the way back he didn’t say a single word.

Josue had never been the type to show his emotions but he had been close to his father, closer than any other father-son pair I can think of. They had spent many weekends on camping trips and their “men tours.”

Of course it all makes sense now.

I wanted to give him the space he needed. For a week I waited for him to make a move, for him to let his grieve out. Then I asked how he felt.

He never screamed at me before, at least not like that. Not with so much anger. Continue reading

You might have heard that recently four large egg farms were shut down because of “bird flu.” That is a lie. Here is what really happened.

My girlfriend bought the eggs. It was at a big supermarket chain but I rather not say which one. She brought them home on Friday evening and Saturday morning I wanted to make crèpe for us. Crèpe, not pancakes, that’s been our Saturday morning ritual since Christmas.

I pulled the pack of eggs from the fridge. I opened it on the counter and took three eggs out. The first one was fine, or at least it looked fine, and went straight in the mixing bowl.

The second one felt much lighter but I didn’t think about that. I cracked it open on the side of the bowl like the first. The shell shattered into a lot of tiny pieces. It was empty.

It was a bit surprised but I figured that could happen somehow. Maybe the chicken was sick or something. I felt a bit disgusted but I didn’t think much about it.

I fished the shell out of the bowl and took the third one. It felt normal again. I bumped it carefully against the side of the bowl and had to try it four or five times until it finally cracked. The white and yolk flowed out perfectly normal. I examined it to make sure, but there was nothing wrong about it, there wasn’t even a fetus like you sometimes get with organic eggs.

But I needed three eggs. Without much thought I took another one from the carton and instantly froze. It was too light. I felt the shell give in under my fingers. Continue reading

Please tell me this is all just a nightmare

Youtuber “ImTheEvilBlackBunny” kindly provided a narration of this story.

I can’t believe this happened to me. I just can’t. This can’t be real. Please tell me that this is all just some sort of nightmare and that it will end. Please, just make it end.

Last week it was just this buzzing sound. It wasn’t loud, it wasn’t even disturbing; it was just odd. I tried to figure out where it came from, but all I really could make out was that it was from somewhere behind the wall. We’re on the first floor so there can’t really be anything. Jonathan thought it was just some sort of insect nesting on the outside of our apartment wall.

But the next day, that was Wednesday, the noise wasn’t gone. It was louder, like a small scratch in the wall, like a rat or a child’s wind-up car.

Still Jonathan said I shouldn’t be worried; he said that everything would be fine. We couldn’t see anything unusual when we looked out of the window.

At night our bedroom door kept most of the noise out; still it was somewhat hard to sleep, knowing that there was something out there, right outside our living room.

Thursday it was worse, like a constant vibration that was slowly spreading throughout the wall. The neighbors said they didn’t hear or see anything. The landlord promised he would check it out. It was hard to fall asleep, particularly with the heat in our apartment. I mean, summer was coming, but it hadn’t felt that warm outside.

On Friday Jonathan called the landlord again. He told the landlord that it was getting worse; our wall felt as if a series of small motors had been stuffed inside it. Jonathan said that it was likely the A/C unit, but I didn’t believe him. The A/C looked fine, other than that it didn’t turn on.

Jonathan also told the landlord about the small cuts in the wallpaper. They had appeared overnight; as if someone had gone along the wall with a tiny knife.

The buzzing was like a constant barrage of white noise; it was impossible to ignore. It was surprisingly easy to sleep though. I think I rarely slept that deeply.

I think that’s why I didn’t feel anything when these small bulges appeared on my feet and arms. I mean. I thought it were bugs, maybe bed bugs or something. Jonathan had some too.

When I was out shopping I noticed that the bulges kept growing. They were a light red and a transparent whitish liquid kept seeping out. I never had any bug bites that were that bad.

When I came home in the evening Jonathan had crushed a hole in the wall. He said that it wasn’t him, but I didn’t believe that. I mean, pieces of cement don’t just fall out of the wall.

The wall was hollow. Jonathan said something must be living in it.

The buzzing was still there, louder though. It wasn’t near the hole, as if whatever made the buzzing had moved away from the light or maybe from us.

Jonathan took a flashlight and shone it inside the wall to see what made the sound.

That’s when the wasp came out. It was just one tiny wasp with black and yellow strings. Jonathan smashed it right away and cursed about spring. He said that whatever broke the wall must have made a hole on the other side too and the wasp flew right through it.

We ordered food and ate with the TV on full volume to hear anything at all. The noise was hurting my ears. Small pieces of the wall kept falling.

I don’t know when it came out. We must have overheard it because of the TV, but when we shut it off Jonathan suddenly screamed. There was a rat skeleton on the floor.

The thing looked disgusting; the head and tail were still attached, but all the skin and flesh were gone. Even the skull was open and empty.

Jonathan threw it out. He said the hole must be big and that some bird must have thrown the dead rat inside. I’m not sure if he even believed that himself.

We pushed a table in front of the hole before we went to bed. Jonathan said we would have to wait for Monday to call someone to look at it. And maybe a mason or plumber could have an idea about the noise.

I think I heard the table vibrating. While lying in bed I couldn’t really pinpoint what it was, but it must have been the table. I even put earplugs in, but even that wasn’t enough for me. For Jonathan it was fine; he slept like a baby.

I woke up around 6am, just when the light came inside the room. My legs were swollen; it looked like some sort of infection. Jonathan had the same, but he had it on his arms too.

The buzzing was making my head hurt.

We should have left then; when we saw our legs, or when we saw the small holes in the table that we had pushed against the existing hole in the wall.

Jonathan said it would be okay. He said that we could go to the hospital on Monday. He said it wasn’t that bad and we shouldn’t bother the emergency staff. And he mentioned that I don’t have health insurance; that it might cost more on the weekend.

Why didn’t I for once get through his stubbornness? Just why?

We stayed in bed for most of the day. I made soup and we covered our legs in creams. My legs got better in the afternoon, but Jonathan got feverish and the buzzing sound got even worse. I had a thundering headache and Jonathan said the same.

Jonathan said it must be rats, large amounts of rats scuffling through the walls or fighting or something. He said he watched a documentary once where rats were stuck to each other and fighting and he said the sounds they made sounded a bit like that buzzing sound, just less regular. He said that we must have hundreds of rats in that wall but he said that rats wouldn’t hurt us. They only carry disease, they don’t hurt people, so as long as we kept the bedroom door closed we would be fine.

I said we should go to a hotel, but Jonathan said he didn’t feel well enough to leave the bed. I thought he was just being stingy again. After that Jonathan fell asleep. Maybe he was just pretending to be asleep so I would stop arguing. He did that sometimes.

In the evening our electricity went out. It was out everywhere except for the kitchen which has a separate circuit. I figured the rats cut through one of the cables.

It was already dark outside and there wasn’t much light in our apartment; only this constant, droning, deafening sound from the wall.

I read a bit with my mobile phone as the light source. That only made my headache worse.

I brought our phones to the kitchen so they could charge. It was on the way back from the kitchen when I noticed that the table was moving; the table we had pushed against the hole.

It was moving as if a person was pressing against it and slowly moved it away from the wall.

It was too dark to be sure. I stepped closer to check whether I wasn’t seeing things right; that I wasn’t just imagining things in the dark.

I didn’t just imagine it. When I stepped in the living room the table jumped inside the room. The buzzing sound stopped.

I ran to the kitchen and shouted for Jonathan to wake up. I grabbed my phone and called the police.

Before I even managed to describe that someone was breaking through our wall the buzzing returned; it was so incredibly loud; as if I was standing in a stadium full of screaming people.

Then I saw the dark shadow moving out from all sides of the table. It spread around the wall and the buzzing grew so loud that I couldn’t even hear my own voice when I screamed at the operator.

It was like a carpet; a carpet of wasps that suddenly spread throughout the room. I screamed for Jonathan; I don’t know whether he could even have heard me over the noise.

They flew towards me. I wanted to run to the bedroom, but they were too fast; like a cloud of black exhaust fumes spreading through the living room and then in the corridor and to the bedroom.

I just ran out of our apartment. The door was vibrating behind me; as if the wasps were hammering their bodies against the door.

I think I heard him screaming.

I think I heard Jonathan screaming.

It took two days until they left. I saw a thick, large swarm of them flying away. The pest control guys had been spraying chemicals for hours all throughout the house. Even the firefighters sprayed something.

They even consumed the sheets and his clothes. The firefighters didn’t allow me inside. They said I shouldn’t see it. I heard them speaking though; I heard them saying that only Jonathan’s skeleton was left.

This is my story, originally I published it on Reddit.

Sinner’s Cave

The moment we entered the cave all light was gone. It didn’t just get weaker, it completely disappeared the second we walked through the opening.

“Let’s go back.” I said.

“What, no way!” Will said. “Don’t chicken out on me.”

“We could get lost in here.” I said.

“Stop whining,” Will said.

He pulled the mobile phone from his pocket and unlocked the screen. A dim light flooded the area in front of us. There were deep footsteps in the dry ground.

I curse that day just like I blame myself for staying friends with Will.

I keep telling myself that I just stayed friends with him because it was the right thing to do; because he was investigated but never charged – and good friends believe each other. But in reality I just stayed with him because he was my only friend.

Brice and Will had been an odd couple anyway. She was shy and two years younger than him, barely legal – and he was the large, overconfident, rude dropout.

I remember the text message Will sent to tell me that their relationship was over.

“We’re over. Lol. Fuck that bitch.”

A week after that she went to the police; half a day later he was arrested.

I heard that Brice cried a lot after the breakup. Maybe that’s why she too lost so many of her friends. But Will lost all of them, even after the police let him go, after the investigations ended.

“No evidence; it’s her word against his.” Was the official statement.

“She just wanted to take revenge.” Said Will.

I believed him.

Either way, they were both alone. Each had their family, Brice had a few of her friends – or at least so I heard – and Will had me.

That’s why we went hiking together; the two of us and no one else. It was his idea. He chose the location. He told me what to pack.

Three days – one day to get to the camp grounds, one day stay and one day to get back. Our backpacks were heavy with booze and sleeping bags and not too much else.

We never needed any of that, because we never made it to the camp ground, because we took a shortcut. And then we found the cave.

Will stepped off the path to empty his bladder; I waited for him. The forest was beautiful with all its shades of green and the soft ground under my feet; the loneliness scared me a bit – the distance from everybody else – but the sound of leaves in the wind and bird songs calmed me.

“Check this out!”

“What?” I called back. “I don’t want to see your dick.”

“Just come!” Will’s voice shouted.

I dropped my backpack next to his and stepped off the path and past the bushes. I saw Will’s red t-shirt in the distance and walked in his direction.

It might have been just the wind, but in that moment I began to feel cold. The summer was warm, even when we walked in the shades of the large trees the back of my t-shirt was drenched in sweat. Still, in that moment, when I walked towards Will and his excitement, my skin was slowly forming goose bumps.

“This looks huge.” He said.


“Don’t you see?” He said. “There’s a cave.”

I stepped next to him and felt the cold draft moving over my arms. It came from the hole just a few steps below us.

“And?” I asked.

“We have to go in!” Will said. “Maybe we find drugs or something.”

“There’s no one else around for miles.” I said. “What if we fall in a hole or something?”

“Come on,” Will said. “This is cool.”

It was cool. Freezing cold to be precise.

After we stepped inside not just the light was gone; the warmth was gone too.

With his mobile phone as a light source Will took a few steps forward. I looked around to remember the place where we had come in, but the light was barely visible from the inside.

“Let’s not go too far.” I said. “It’s freezing in here and I don’t see a thing.”

“Oh, come on.” He said. “The mobile is enough to see.”

Will held the bright phone towards me.

“Hey!” I said.

He lowered the phone.

“Besides, it’s not cold at all.” Will said. “Stop being scared.”

His words echoed off the walls.

Stop being scared.

Stop being scared.

Stop being scared.

Will walked further.

“Dude, this is really creepy.” I said.

Still I ran to quickly catch up with him.

I pulled my own mobile from my pocket; the light seemed weaker than his.

Will kept walking forward, I followed him and shone my light to the sides of the path. It definitely was a path below our feet, well-trodden earth with some deep footsteps that looked as if the floor had once been mud. The frequent holes made it difficult to walk.

“There must have been dozens of people here.” I said.


“I think this really must be some drug place.” I said. “Let’s get out of here.”

Will laughed.

“No way.” He said. “This is like paradise.”

More like the opposite. I thought to myself.

On the sides of the path it looked as if there were thick pillars that seemed to hold up the high ceiling.

“This place is high.” I said and shone the light upwards.

“Yeah,” Will said. “We must be deep.”

“But we didn’t go down much,” I said.

“Whatever,” Will said. “Maybe it’s some sort of hill.”

“It might be unstable.” I said. “Let’s go back.”


Will turned around.

“Look at all the footsteps; they look centuries old. This shit is not unstable. Fucking stop whining!” Will said.

Stop whining.” Said the echo.

Stop whining.

Stop whining.

“This is creepy.” I said.

The dim light showed me that Will too had goose bumps. Either he was lying about the cold, or –

“A bit.” He said. “That’s what makes it awesome!”

He shouted the awesome.

“There’s no echo.” I said.

“Yeah.” Will said.

He slowly shone the light around us. There was nothing except the bare pillars of dark stone and darkness in between them.

“Okay,” Will finally said. “Let’s go back.”

Go back.” Sounded the echo.

Go back.

No back.

“Dude.” I said.

“Holy fuck.” He said.

We walked quickly, on the same footpath that we had come. This time I was in the front; Will behind me was quickening the pace further, as if he didn’t want to walk behind.

I shone my light on the floor to avoid the holes. The way back seemed longer.

“Are we on the right path?” Will asked.

“There is only one path.” I said.

“Are you sure?” He said. “It feels really warm here.”

“What?” I asked. “It’s freezing here! I feel like I’m walking through ice.”




“Did you hear that too?” I asked.

“Fuck man,” Will said.

He ran past me.

His footsteps echoed from behind me.

From behind me.

“Let’s get out!” I screamed.

We ran, Will in front of me and me right behind. Our footsteps kept echoing through the wall like a legion of men behind me.

We ran, stumbled over the holes. Will fell and I pulled him back up; then I fell and he pulled me forward and again ran in front of me. The echoing footsteps followed us.

We ran for what felt like ten or fifteen minutes.

“Stop.” I shouted between my breaths. “We didn’t go that far!”

“Fuck.” Will said.

He slowed down.

The footsteps faded away.

“We must have missed it.” I said.

“You missed it.” He said. “You were running in the front.”

“Fuck you.” I said.

“It’s your fault.” He said.

“We have to go back.” I said.

I turned around and shone my light on the path.

It was empty.

“We have to search for the exit.” I said.

I shone my light to the side.

I have never screamed that loud in my life.

The corpse was hanging in a hollow pillar. His thin arms were slightly stretched out to the sides, like a moth stuck on a pin in a collector’s set; the man’s feet were hanging straight down and the head was bent forward.

“Oh god.” Said Will.

The skin was not just a whitish gray; it was hanging in folds off the body, as if it was wrapped around the mere skeleton.

We ran past the pillar, careful to stay on our path.

“The exit must be to our right.” I screamed.

Just then Will screamed a second time.

His light was on the left side; on another pillar.

Another body was hanging in the hollowed out center.

“Fuck.” He screamed and we sped up.

My light was on the path again.

Will pulled his light from one pillar to the next.

“They are everywhere.” He screamed.

And they were everywhere.

We ran until we were out of breath; then we walked as fast as we could.

There was no light from the right side; only pillar upon pillar upon pillar.

My lungs were burning; my skin felt as if it would freeze to death. I stopped walking and Will stopped next to me.

Will shone his light on the pillar to our right. The corpse’s face looked Arabic and there was a dagger in his hand. Most of them were men, but there were women too.

The man was naked except for his dagger and a necklace. His head was bald; the body hair was a tone between gray and brown.

I didn’t see any obvious wounds; just the thin, folded skin that on his face seemed to trace the skull.

I shone my light around us.

“There must be hundreds.” I said.

“Who would do such a thing?” Will asked.

Such a thing.

The man’s lips moved.

Such a thing.

His head rose.

Such a sin.

We ran.

The army of footsteps returned; we hadn’t noticed that it was gone just before, just when we ran.

My light was still on the ground so that we wouldn’t fall; Will was shining his light around us.

“It’s their feet.” He screamed. “Their feet are all moving!”

While we ran past the hanging bodies I saw it too; saw the bare, thin feet stamping against the stone of the pillar.

We ran faster; they stamped louder.

We screamed; their heads followed us.

Whenever we stumbled they smiled.

I felt my heart exploding and my lungs and mouth on fire.

“It’s so hot.” Will screamed. “I can’t anymore.”

I was freezing.

“Me neither.” I whispered.

Will was falling behind me.

“Don’t slow down!” I screamed.

Then, just in that moment, I saw the light. Soft, yellow light from a place to our right.

“The exit!” I screamed.

I didn’t hear Will’s footsteps anymore. I looked over my shoulder and saw him hunched on the ground in the light of his mobile phone.

“Come on!” I screamed.

“I can’t.” He said.

Will bent forward and leaned on his hands. He crawled in my direction.

I stopped running.

They didn’t stop stamping their feet.

“Quick.” I screamed. “Let’s get out of this insane cave!”

Insane cave.” They repeated.

Next to Will two of them jumped out of the pillars.

“I can’t!” Will said.

Insane cave.

The first two stepped towards Will. Several more jumped out of their pillars; now closer to me.

I turned towards the light and ran.

The light from outside was bright; I saw the corpses’ lips moving.

Sinner’s cave.” They said.

When I looked back I saw them pulling Will away from his phone; into the darkness.

I stumbled through the hole; crawled up the edge we had climbed down while I still heard and felt them behind me.

Sinner’s cave.” They said.

I stumbled back between the trees and fell on the ground.

The warmth woke me up.

The hole in the ground; the whole cave was gone.

I screamed his name and ran in circles; I begged a group of cyclists to call the police; there was a search mission.

Will was never found.

But sometimes I wake up, freezing but with sweat on my chest. When I hear their chant, that’s when I know where he is:

Sinner’s cave.

This is my story, originally I published it on Reddit.