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River People 3: Far from the River

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The guards literally grabbed us and pulled us out of the room; four of them stayed inside and two of them forced Kristy and me to run down the corridor and towards the stairs.

I heard shots being fired behind us – a lot of shots – and then there was this loud shrieking noise; like chalk on a blackboard, just many times louder. By the time we were at the stairwell there were screams as well, but they ended pretty quickly. The guards nearly kicked us down the stairs, but honestly they looked more terrified than Kristy and me.

I still don’t know who those guards were. They must be working for a government agency because they work together with the police, but they weren’t wearing any badges or agency logos on their clothes. They were all dressed in black and had heavy flashlights and machine guns, and at least two had belts with a range of metal utensils. Continue reading