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Swim Club

The first time I arrived at the club I could think of nothing but my brother.

Bare walls covered with dirty blue tiles, foldable wooden chairs, a net on top of what used to be a pool. Five men inside.

Not a place you find in the newspapers; a place to which your friend brings you along. A place where you know that whoever is running the show must have a lot of friends and certainly the right friends – because if they don’t the place would long be shut down.

When you have crossed the parking lot the first thing the two large men ask for is your name. They don’t ask for you ID, but they ask for your name and if your name is not on the list then you won’t get in. The list says whether you’ve been there before; the list says whether someone trusted you enough to bring you along the first time. The list also has the name of the friend that brought you along and if you mess up then that friend will have a problem. Continue reading

The War They Hide From You

For three weeks the war has been going on and nobody seems to have noticed.

It seems surreal when I’m on my way to the entry, the armor already on my body and the weapons hidden in the back.

The only thing people seem to have noticed is the smell. I overheard a few comments, my neighbor even went up and down our apartment block to check for a fire. Of course he didn’t find any. I’m wondering whether it really is in the air or whether it’s just in my clothes.

Of course not just the fact that this war goes on in secret – this whole situation seems surreal. For the last six years I was an exterminator, killing bug infestations, extended cockroach families and wasp hives most of the time and the occasional small mammal invasion. And then I’m pulled into this.

It started three weeks ago, on Tuesday afternoon, with a phone call. The caller, a male with a military tone, asked to be put through to the business owner. Ten minutes later we sat in the truck. Thirty minutes after that we were strapped in body armor. After two hours each of us had their kit complete. The main part is a small flamethrower.

Small because it has to fit in the pipes. Continue reading

Fight Club

I loved her more than I can begin to describe. And I still do. That’s why it hurts so badly to know what she has done – and why she has done it all.

I don’t want to bore you with the details of how we met. It was a bar, that’s all you need to know. She commented on how tall I was and that I had so much potential to be fit and strong. That should have been a warning sign. Continue reading

New Gods Have Risen and You Are Their Target

Exactly 21 days and 4 hours ago a young lady with blue eyes created new gods. I am not sure yet whether they can truly be called Gods, but I do know that you need to be warned.

It is futile to explain what exactly I am. Some have called me a guardian. What you need to know is that I am not on your side. I am not allowed to be on your side. My duty is to be neutral. Call me a scholar, or an observer – if I am a guardian, then certainly not yours.

The only reason I am transmitting this message to you is to maintain the balance.

I do not claim to understand the reason for all things; I will not even try to approach this topic. There may or may not be an original creator God.

What you need to understand is that anything you might ever have called ‘God’ was created by humans and for human purposes. That does not make gods figments of the imagination – quite the contrary. Their existence is real; independent of any particular human.

What is not independent is their existence from all of humanity and they always retain the seed that their creator planted.

You might have heard the quote of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche that “God is dead; we killed him.”

Nietzsche was right in so far as there are very few true believers left and many of the old gods have died. A true believer is not one that goes to church or follows common rites; a true believer is one without doubt. The human pursuit for rationality has, quite successfully, decimated this kind of human.

A god dies when he retains no true believers. The old question “Why is there evil in the world?” is simply answered by the statement that evil retains belief. Suffering and pain have an impressive influence on the human mind – they focus and target the mind’s attention. Thus of the many gods that have outlived their creator – the first believer – only the violent and vengeful gods have strived.

Suffering is created by the gods so that, afterwards, they can strengthen their believers’ faith with acts of mercy and good luck.

You need to understand the above to understand what it means to create a god. You need to understand all this to understand what Mrs. Junnila has done.

A god is created by the first act of faith. The first believer has to fulfill exactly two criteria:

  1. The first believer needs to be free of all other belief.
  2. The first believer needs to believe with certainty and impenetrable faith.

In the modern world it is rare that individuals are free of all belief. Before they become teenagers too many of your species have already encountered and partially accepted parts of existing beliefs. In the past the creation of new gods was just as common as their death. Their creation depended on individuals that had either lost all beliefs, or, through good luck, never encountered existing beliefs. The gods’ death followed usually with the demise of the individual, tribe, or culture in which the gods were first created.

Mrs. Junnila, by acts of bad luck and the deeds of two of the existing gods, lost all her belief.

The death of her first child was an accident, a mere unavoidable occurrence. Mrs. Junnila had been raised without strict belief and so, despite her suffering, did not turn to an existing god.

That angered an existing god that I, to maintain balance, am not allowed to mention. But I do dare to say that this god is currently the strongest god in the region of what you refer to as Finland.

The strength of a god grows with the number of his or her believers and it is concentrated where the number of his or her believers are the highest. This, of course, is the reason why the areas in the world that have the highest number of believers are also the areas with the highest amount of suffering. A strong god can create more suffering and thus strengthen his believers’ faith or recruit new believers.

The leading god in Mrs. Junnila’s area recently lost a significant amount of influence, which does explain – but not justify – his unusually cruel methods and his unusual focus on Mrs. Junnila.

As the death of Mrs. Junnila’s child did not lead her to new faith the leading god aimed to set an example. It is well known among gods that young women and particularly young mothers are the most fruitful targets to spread their influence.

To cause Mrs. Junnila’s belief the god decided to take her ability to move her body.

Mrs. Junnila, when told about the permanence of her condition, did not react as the god expected. Gods, as you will by now have understood, are neither all powerful nor necessarily wise. Rather, their power is limited by the number of believers and their wisdom and understanding of the world by the wisdom of their creator.

Mrs. Junnila did not pray to or plea with the god. Instead she cursed religion as naivety and lost her last remnants of faith in the existing gods and their extensions. She even lost her beliefs in superstitious behaviors such as knocking on wood and metaphysical believes, such as that the stars can predict the future, most of which are remnants of gods that for long have been crippled and been bound to the beds on which they will likely die.

In this way, Mrs. Junnila became free of all believe and thus came to fulfill the first condition required to create a god.

The leading god was angered by Mrs. Junnila’s lack of faith and sent her nightmares based on the large amounts of horror fiction that Mrs. Junnila had enjoyed early in her life.

When even this step did not suffice to convince Mrs. Junnila to regain her belief – instead Mrs. Junnila began to trust that dark creatures were following her – the leading god bundled his faith with that of two other gods of the area and struck down on her husband and two of their remaining three children.

The existing gods did not predict that their combined actions would lead Mrs. Junnila to fulfill the second condition required to create a god: the certain and impenetrable belief in a new god.

You have to understand that it was not Mrs. Junnila’s fault. She merely made the connection between nightmares and real events. When she was told about the unlikely accident and the death of her husband and two of her remaining children she fell first into a mania that lasted about 48 hours.

Exactly 21 days and 4 hours ago, Mrs. Junnila awoke from her mania with sudden clarity and the certain and impenetrable belief that the creatures she had witnessed in her nightmares are real gods.

I am not allowed to mention the particular beings that Mrs. Junnila transferred from fiction to a reality as gods. But I need to stress that this messages reaches you because you, personally, have some awareness of these gods.

I cannot stop or influence Mrs. Junnila. I, just like the other gods, have tried. But Mrs. Junnila’s faith and with it the gods she created are too powerful for us to reach her.

I am also unable to stop the influence that Mrs. Junnila had on Ellie, her last remaining child. As, after the accident, Ellie spent most of her days in the same room as Mrs. Junnila while the latter was speaking about her nightmares, she has been converted.

This, in two ways is a dangerous situation. Firstly, Ellie’s belief has hardened and will likely last her whole life. Secondly, Ellie has now returned to her primary school and has successfully converted at least two other girls to the new gods.

Yes, it is true, current gods create suffering to entice humans to believe, but no gods have ever been as brutal. And while other gods do offer some mercy and answer prayers – those gods will not. Those new gods are creatures imagined our of pure horror and they will act accordingly as creatures of pure horror.

I am writing to warn you. I am writing to warn you that the new belief is spreading; the new gods are gaining followers and thus strength. It is only a matter of time until they are able to affect more than just the small area of Mrs. Junnila’s city. If I am not mistaken it is only a matter of weeks until their effect could reach, to some degree, around the world.

That is the reason I need to warn you. You are their target. You have doubts that the creatures you read about are merely fictional.

They will attack you with cruel fates. The nightmares will come.

For the sake of yourself, for the sake of balance and for the sake of humanity, I beg you not to believe in them. I beg you not to trust the nightmares. I beg you to not even for a moment believe that the creatures you read about could be real.

If you waver, even for just a moment, the new gods will gain strength. If you waver, even for just a moment, all that you hoped was fiction will become reality.

This is my story, originally I published it on Reddit.

The Last Ferry

Emma was leaning to the side, as if her long brown hair was too heavy for her neck.

“You heard about the ferry?” She asked.

“The accident a month ago?”

“Yes.” Emma said. “I was on that.”

“I thought there were no survivors?” I said, more to myself than to her.

“That’s why I’m here.” Emma said. “I was on that ferry.”

“Oh.” I said.

“You need to tell them that I’m sane.” Emma said. “I was on that ferry, I swear. There is something out there and they need to find it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Something attacked the ferry.”

“Okay.” I said.

I glanced at her file, although I knew the data already: No abnormal brain activity, no hormonal imbalance, and no history of psychological disorders.

“I swear, something attacked us.”

“A terrorist attack?”

“There was something in the water. And it pulled the ship down.”

“Something pulled the ship down?”

“Yes.” Emma said. “And it was alive.”

The ferry left at 5pm and should have arrived around 6:30pm. No SOS signal. No call for help. The wreck was never found; not even any debris. 400 people – gone without a trace.

“It must have been off course,” read one of the news articles. “Else the ship would have been found by now.”

“There was already this weird air;” Emma said. “Everything felt a bit odd. And I wasn’t the only one that felt it. It was sunny and usually on these trips everybody stands at the railing and looks out at the waves or has drinks on deck. But most were inside the bar or restaurant and even those that were outside were away from the railing.”

“It must have been shortly before 6pm. I was outside for a smoke, and then suddenly there was a single large wave, moving towards us. It was less than a wave and more like a bulge in the water, as if something was pushing the water from below. But it came really fast towards us, and only a few seconds away from the ship the bulge disappeared, as if whatever it was had dived deeper.”

“You were watching?” I asked.

“Yes. I saw this thing coming closer and otherwise the sea was calm, so it really looked odd, even from the distance. But then it disappeared; I thought it was just some freak current. It was maybe five or ten seconds – then the ferry shook, as if it was being pushed from below; and then there was this really loud noise, like metal being ripped.”

“I heard people screaming.” Emma said. “God, there were screams everywhere and some people were running outside and some inside – and then the ferry was just pulled down.”

“You mean it sank?” I asked.

“No.” Emma said. “It was pulled down. It went down so quickly, I fell over from the first shaking, and before I was back on my feet I saw the water at the sides higher than the deck; it came crashing down on us, but the main thing was that we were still being pulled, the whole ferry was being pulled underwater.”

“What did the staff do?”

“Are you even listening?” Emma said. “It all went incredibly quickly. There was no staff that could respond. From one second to the next the waves came crushing down on us. I’m not really sure what happened, I must have been flushed off the deck and the next thing I know is that I’m fighting against some sort of current that pulls me down, I’m fighting and swimming upwards; I already felt the pressure on my lungs, this pain, but then I saw the light above and I gave one last push and came through.”

“You were the only one?”

“No. It took me a while until I could see again; everything was just white for a while. But when I saw again there were others swimming there as well. Some of them were screaming, and they all looked as panicked and confused as me.”

“So you swam to safety together?”

“No, we wouldn’t have had a chance. We were in the middle of the sea, far from any coast. When you’re shipwrecked the one thing you should do is to stay in the same place so that rescuers can find you. I don’t know what the others did, but I was looking for things to hold onto.”

“Like a lifesaver?”

“There weren’t any. I saw a guy holding onto a suitcase, I even thought of pushing him off, you know, to fight for my life. I was already swimming towards him when I saw this body drifting to the surface. He looked like a young man, but his chin was completely ripped off. I was disgusted at myself, but I just held onto his body.”

Emma looked down.

“He was still warm, you know?”

“And you just drifted there?” I asked.

“Yes.” Emma said. “I saw some others fighting over things to hold onto. I could see maybe thirty or forty people. The guy with the suitcase actually got pushed off and the two men were then fighting for it. I was shouting at them to stop, but they didn’t. They just kept going and going and then the first men pushed the other underwater and held him there and he just didn’t come back up.”

“You mean the other man killed him?”

“That’s what I thought,” Emma said. “I mean, I was crying and screaming, but on some level I understood. You know, we were out there for half an hour or more. Without the body to hold onto I think I wouldn’t have survived.”

“But then, just when he had gotten back to the suitcase, the first man also disappeared underwater. It was just from one moment to the next, without any warning; he was there and then suddenly pulled down. I thought that was the second guy and that they would continue to fight – but neither of them came back up.”

“So they drowned?”

“No. They weren’t the only ones that disappeared. Just a moment after the guy with the suitcase I saw a woman being pulled underwater. I think she didn’t have anything to hold onto, she was just drifting, but she wasn’t waving for help or anything – she just shrieked for a moment and then she was gone. Then another woman disappeared.”

“A few seconds later I felt this weird whirling below my feet, and just a moment later the body I held onto was pulled underwater. Do you understand? They didn’t just sink or drown; one by one we were fished off, pulled underwater.”

“And the others realized that too. Everybody was trying to swim away from each other; but this thing was so much faster. I heard this weird plunging sound, over and over, and some shrieks in between, and I saw how one after the other disappeared.”

“And all were pulled down except you?”

“It was only five minutes or so,” Emma said. “And there were like five, or maybe seven of us left. I saw the others paddling away, but honestly I just gave up. I was so exhausted and cold and there was no ship or anything else in sight. I just thought it was over. The others were making an effort, but I thought that I’d be the next.”

“I saw a man that was still fairly close, how he was pulled down. I saw the expression on his face; he didn’t make a noise but he opened his mouth as if for a scream – and then his face disappeared in the water; his hand lasted a moment longer, but it just disappeared in a small wave.”

“First I felt the whirling again, like an animal swimming right below my feet. Then, within an instant, this thing grabbed my leg; it was smooth, but felt hard like a strong muscle or a leather belt. I felt it tightening on my leg, and before I could even think of reacting I was already underwater.”

“This thing pulled me down; I saw the light disappear from above me and then felt the pressure increasing and this incredible pain growing in my head and my arms and legs, even worse than the grip of this thing. The air was pushed out of my chest and the water got cooler and heavier. I tried to bend forward, to try and bite it or claw at it, but we were moving so fast, I just couldn’t fight against the water streaming past me.”

“But I managed to pull my knees in and I pushed with all my strength to get my arm down and I reached this thing and I dug my fingernails in it; I felt them pushing inside this thing, like through skin, and I pushed them deeper – and from one moment to the next it let go off me.”

“My lungs felt like they would explode and my whole body was aching. But I began to drift upwards and somehow I moved my hands a bit and helped and despite the pain I managed to paddle. I kept paddling even when I saw black. The last thing I remember is that the water was getting warmer.”

“And then?” I asked.

“And then I woke up in a hospital bed.” Emma said. “Somebody found me at the beach in the morning.”

“Okay.” I said. “But nobody believes your story?”

“No, they don’t.” Emma said. “That’s why I need you to verify that I’m not crazy or suicidal. They said that I tried a copycat suicide; you know, that I wanted to die and pretend I drowned with the ferry. But I promise it wasn’t. I want to live. I would never commit suicide.”

Emma jumped up and pulled her left trouser leg up. “Look.” She said, revealing a large, fading but still blue and red bruise mark that led all around her lower leg. “Does that look like I could have done it myself?”

This is my story, originally I published it on Reddit.