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They Laughed

The red cloth fell softly down her sides. I stepped closer. Grins drilled deep into my neck. I tapped on her shoulder. The white of her cheeks grew red. I asked for a dance. She glanced around. Laughter behind me. She bit her lip. Her eyes met mine. “Okay,” she said. Her skin felt warm and soft. My hand pulled hers towards the circle at the center of the room. She smiled. My hand gently on her waist. Hers on my shoulder. Blond hair swaying from side to side with every step. The laughter stopped.

Mannequin Dance

The girl threw her light brown hair over her shoulder. Her yellowed teeth smiled at me and I tried hard to ignore the blackness of decay between them.

“Are you just going to stare at me?”

“No,” I said. “Sorry.”

She laughed.

“Stephanie, how long have you lived on the street?”

“It’s nearly two years now.”

“May I ask, why?” Continue reading