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The Donor

“Just so you know,” the doctor said. “It’s an imported one.”

Back then I just nodded and signed. I didn’t know what that meant.

Emma was in a comma. There is not much of a choice if your choice is “save her” or “don’t save her:”

They operated.

I sat in that all-white waiting room with the plastic flowers in the corner and stared at the wall. That’s when the thoughts came. The worries. Continue reading

Rex, the goddamn best dog in the world

First Rex started growling. Then he disappeared. Then he brought a gift. I should have seen it. I should have understood my best friend of three years better than this.

When Shana came home I tried to explain everything. I wanted to talk to her but she walked up the stairs and slammed the bedroom door shut. By the time I came upstairs she was already under the blanket. I placed a hand where I thought her shoulder would be.

“I can’t take it,” she said. “I can’t take this anymore.”

I pulled the blanket off her head. There were tears on her face.

“I can’t take it anymore, the way Rex behaves.”

I nodded. I hugged her. I wanted to explain; I wanted her to understand. But all I could say was.

“It’s okay.”

I lay next to her for ten or twenty minutes. Shana’s breath turned to the steady and regular breathing of a happy sleep. I brushed my teeth and sat at the end of the bed, thinking about what to do. Continue reading