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The first thing that people used to ask about were the bugs.

“I’m really sorry for that. I was born without a sense of smell.”

“Oh,” they always said. “But don’t you notice the bugs?”

The bugs. Everywhere. Of course I saw them, the way they followed me. Flies, mostly, but many others too.

It’s not that I didn’t want to shower. My mother too made me shower every day, she just never explained why. Nobody told me why. They all assumed I knew and rather than tell me that I smelled bad and how to fix it, they concluded that I was handicapped and thus just stupid or dirty or crazy.

In 22 years nobody told me that. For 22 years everybody assumed I was scary and creepy and stayed away from me. Continue reading

Tickling Skin

It started with the tickling. I was always careful to wrap my arms and legs in the blanket. It’s something that I’ve been doing more or less unconsciously since I was a child. I can’t sleep if my body is not wrapped like an egyptian mummy, with only the face free for breathing.

I noticed the tickling a while ago. There was nothing I could see or hear, there was no reason to assume it was anything more than a problem in my brain. My feet and lower legs were wrapped in the blanket and still they tickled, like a soft air blowing against the skin.

I mean, of course I roll around at night. I never wake up as perfectly wrapped as I fall asleep. But for some reason my feet always used to stay under the blanket. My arms or even back was sometimes exposed, but my feet always needed the warmth and comfort and maybe safety of the blanket.

And I didn’t use to wake up in the middle of the night, at least not for that; not for a twitching in my toes. It felt as if needles had poked me while I was asleep. Continue reading

Please tell me this is all just a nightmare

Youtuber “ImTheEvilBlackBunny” kindly provided a narration of this story.

I can’t believe this happened to me. I just can’t. This can’t be real. Please tell me that this is all just some sort of nightmare and that it will end. Please, just make it end.

Last week it was just this buzzing sound. It wasn’t loud, it wasn’t even disturbing; it was just odd. I tried to figure out where it came from, but all I really could make out was that it was from somewhere behind the wall. We’re on the first floor so there can’t really be anything. Jonathan thought it was just some sort of insect nesting on the outside of our apartment wall.

But the next day, that was Wednesday, the noise wasn’t gone. It was louder, like a small scratch in the wall, like a rat or a child’s wind-up car.

Still Jonathan said I shouldn’t be worried; he said that everything would be fine. We couldn’t see anything unusual when we looked out of the window.

At night our bedroom door kept most of the noise out; still it was somewhat hard to sleep, knowing that there was something out there, right outside our living room.

Thursday it was worse, like a constant vibration that was slowly spreading throughout the wall. The neighbors said they didn’t hear or see anything. The landlord promised he would check it out. It was hard to fall asleep, particularly with the heat in our apartment. I mean, summer was coming, but it hadn’t felt that warm outside.

On Friday Jonathan called the landlord again. He told the landlord that it was getting worse; our wall felt as if a series of small motors had been stuffed inside it. Jonathan said that it was likely the A/C unit, but I didn’t believe him. The A/C looked fine, other than that it didn’t turn on.

Jonathan also told the landlord about the small cuts in the wallpaper. They had appeared overnight; as if someone had gone along the wall with a tiny knife.

The buzzing was like a constant barrage of white noise; it was impossible to ignore. It was surprisingly easy to sleep though. I think I rarely slept that deeply.

I think that’s why I didn’t feel anything when these small bulges appeared on my feet and arms. I mean. I thought it were bugs, maybe bed bugs or something. Jonathan had some too.

When I was out shopping I noticed that the bulges kept growing. They were a light red and a transparent whitish liquid kept seeping out. I never had any bug bites that were that bad.

When I came home in the evening Jonathan had crushed a hole in the wall. He said that it wasn’t him, but I didn’t believe that. I mean, pieces of cement don’t just fall out of the wall.

The wall was hollow. Jonathan said something must be living in it.

The buzzing was still there, louder though. It wasn’t near the hole, as if whatever made the buzzing had moved away from the light or maybe from us.

Jonathan took a flashlight and shone it inside the wall to see what made the sound.

That’s when the wasp came out. It was just one tiny wasp with black and yellow strings. Jonathan smashed it right away and cursed about spring. He said that whatever broke the wall must have made a hole on the other side too and the wasp flew right through it.

We ordered food and ate with the TV on full volume to hear anything at all. The noise was hurting my ears. Small pieces of the wall kept falling.

I don’t know when it came out. We must have overheard it because of the TV, but when we shut it off Jonathan suddenly screamed. There was a rat skeleton on the floor.

The thing looked disgusting; the head and tail were still attached, but all the skin and flesh were gone. Even the skull was open and empty.

Jonathan threw it out. He said the hole must be big and that some bird must have thrown the dead rat inside. I’m not sure if he even believed that himself.

We pushed a table in front of the hole before we went to bed. Jonathan said we would have to wait for Monday to call someone to look at it. And maybe a mason or plumber could have an idea about the noise.

I think I heard the table vibrating. While lying in bed I couldn’t really pinpoint what it was, but it must have been the table. I even put earplugs in, but even that wasn’t enough for me. For Jonathan it was fine; he slept like a baby.

I woke up around 6am, just when the light came inside the room. My legs were swollen; it looked like some sort of infection. Jonathan had the same, but he had it on his arms too.

The buzzing was making my head hurt.

We should have left then; when we saw our legs, or when we saw the small holes in the table that we had pushed against the existing hole in the wall.

Jonathan said it would be okay. He said that we could go to the hospital on Monday. He said it wasn’t that bad and we shouldn’t bother the emergency staff. And he mentioned that I don’t have health insurance; that it might cost more on the weekend.

Why didn’t I for once get through his stubbornness? Just why?

We stayed in bed for most of the day. I made soup and we covered our legs in creams. My legs got better in the afternoon, but Jonathan got feverish and the buzzing sound got even worse. I had a thundering headache and Jonathan said the same.

Jonathan said it must be rats, large amounts of rats scuffling through the walls or fighting or something. He said he watched a documentary once where rats were stuck to each other and fighting and he said the sounds they made sounded a bit like that buzzing sound, just less regular. He said that we must have hundreds of rats in that wall but he said that rats wouldn’t hurt us. They only carry disease, they don’t hurt people, so as long as we kept the bedroom door closed we would be fine.

I said we should go to a hotel, but Jonathan said he didn’t feel well enough to leave the bed. I thought he was just being stingy again. After that Jonathan fell asleep. Maybe he was just pretending to be asleep so I would stop arguing. He did that sometimes.

In the evening our electricity went out. It was out everywhere except for the kitchen which has a separate circuit. I figured the rats cut through one of the cables.

It was already dark outside and there wasn’t much light in our apartment; only this constant, droning, deafening sound from the wall.

I read a bit with my mobile phone as the light source. That only made my headache worse.

I brought our phones to the kitchen so they could charge. It was on the way back from the kitchen when I noticed that the table was moving; the table we had pushed against the hole.

It was moving as if a person was pressing against it and slowly moved it away from the wall.

It was too dark to be sure. I stepped closer to check whether I wasn’t seeing things right; that I wasn’t just imagining things in the dark.

I didn’t just imagine it. When I stepped in the living room the table jumped inside the room. The buzzing sound stopped.

I ran to the kitchen and shouted for Jonathan to wake up. I grabbed my phone and called the police.

Before I even managed to describe that someone was breaking through our wall the buzzing returned; it was so incredibly loud; as if I was standing in a stadium full of screaming people.

Then I saw the dark shadow moving out from all sides of the table. It spread around the wall and the buzzing grew so loud that I couldn’t even hear my own voice when I screamed at the operator.

It was like a carpet; a carpet of wasps that suddenly spread throughout the room. I screamed for Jonathan; I don’t know whether he could even have heard me over the noise.

They flew towards me. I wanted to run to the bedroom, but they were too fast; like a cloud of black exhaust fumes spreading through the living room and then in the corridor and to the bedroom.

I just ran out of our apartment. The door was vibrating behind me; as if the wasps were hammering their bodies against the door.

I think I heard him screaming.

I think I heard Jonathan screaming.

It took two days until they left. I saw a thick, large swarm of them flying away. The pest control guys had been spraying chemicals for hours all throughout the house. Even the firefighters sprayed something.

They even consumed the sheets and his clothes. The firefighters didn’t allow me inside. They said I shouldn’t see it. I heard them speaking though; I heard them saying that only Jonathan’s skeleton was left.

This is my story, originally I published it on Reddit.