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Deep Inside My Head

The water was slowly washing the shampoo out of my hair when my left ear suddenly turned quiet. Quiet might be the wrong word – it was more like white noise, a faint, slightly high-pitched noise suddenly had been layered on top of the normal shower noises.

That wasn’t something unusual in itself. I had it before; some water is suddenly pressed through the eardrum and it takes a while for your system to fix the problem.

After washing the last drops of shampoo off my skin I turned the shower off and stepped outside. The fresh air made me shiver. I grabbed my towel – and before I had even begun to dry my body my hearing had returned.

I would have forgotten it, like all the other times. But the next morning it was back. Only seconds after I ran the warm water over my face my left ear was turned into a random noise generator. By the time I finished my shower I had a headache. Continue reading

You might have heard that recently four large egg farms were shut down because of “bird flu.” That is a lie. Here is what really happened.

My girlfriend bought the eggs. It was at a big supermarket chain but I rather not say which one. She brought them home on Friday evening and Saturday morning I wanted to make crèpe for us. Crèpe, not pancakes, that’s been our Saturday morning ritual since Christmas.

I pulled the pack of eggs from the fridge. I opened it on the counter and took three eggs out. The first one was fine, or at least it looked fine, and went straight in the mixing bowl.

The second one felt much lighter but I didn’t think about that. I cracked it open on the side of the bowl like the first. The shell shattered into a lot of tiny pieces. It was empty.

It was a bit surprised but I figured that could happen somehow. Maybe the chicken was sick or something. I felt a bit disgusted but I didn’t think much about it.

I fished the shell out of the bowl and took the third one. It felt normal again. I bumped it carefully against the side of the bowl and had to try it four or five times until it finally cracked. The white and yolk flowed out perfectly normal. I examined it to make sure, but there was nothing wrong about it, there wasn’t even a fetus like you sometimes get with organic eggs.

But I needed three eggs. Without much thought I took another one from the carton and instantly froze. It was too light. I felt the shell give in under my fingers. Continue reading