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The Price of Revenge

Trigger warning: Death, child death, body gore.

I saw the young woman at the bar. She wore a light blue dress and clutched her belly with one and the transparent glass with its brown content with her other hand. She raised the glass and gushed the liquid towards her throat. When the glass came down on the table her eyes were closed and the rest of her face a grimace.

“Ah,” she said.

I hadn’t visited desperation pub in a long time. Work had kept me busy and for one reason or the other I had begun to have friends. After my last experiences the idea of listening to more depressing or disturbing stories had lost a large part of its appeal.

I didn’t intend to go. It was just a long day at work and an empty night ahead of me. Without consciously deciding to do so I took a walk. Without conscious thought that walk ended in desperation pub.

Still, when pushed the heavy door and pulled the stale air with its smell of beer, sweat and wood polish into my throat I knew what to do. She stood at the bar and even before the glass touched her lips I knew that she had a story to tell. Continue reading

Today I watched while something switched a woman’s baby

I don’t know what to do anymore. This doesn’t make sense, none of it – and I think either I’m going crazy or there is something wrong in this world, something deeply rotten to the core.

Today I took Haley out to dinner, then a drink and then we went home. She’s asleep now, at least I think she is; Chinese food always makes her tired.

The evening was fine, fun, normal. But there was something wrong on the way back.

On the way into the underground station I noticed a few policeman on the stairs. There have been a bunch of muggings recently so it’s not strange per se – but the way they were standing was just odd. They were leaning against the walls like thugs waiting for something. Otherwise I think they looked normal. I didn’t really see them much.

There was a rather large blonde woman carrying a stroller down the stairs and the officers, two men and two women, standing at both sides, completely ignored her. I mean, she walked right through them – they must have seen her. Haley nudged my side and pointed at her and I quickly walked back to help the woman. That’s what the police should have done, right? That’s what they are supposed to do, they are supposed to help, aren’t they?

But that’s not it. I mean, that was weird but I wouldn’t have made a post about that.

When we were downstairs the woman thanked me exuberantly and she quietly cursed at the police. I think she was scared too, and so was Haley.

Haley let the woman pass and then I caught up with her and we walked shortly behind the woman and her stroller. The baby in the stroller was tightly hugged in a blue blanket and seemed to be sleeping.

There weren’t many other people in the station at the time, maybe twenty or so, a few coming towards us and most walking in the same direction as us and the young mother.

I don’t know how it happened; there was no sign, no warning, nothing. From one moment to the next I felt my chest was constricted and I couldn’t breathe. It felt as if someone was slowly tightening a belt around my chest.

I tried to grab my chest, but then my arms didn’t obey either. They didn’t hurt, they didn’t seem gone – I was just unable to move. And then, just then I noticed that I couldn’t even move my lips or my eyes.

It was as if I was completely frozen in space, as if someone had stopped time but forgot to turn off my mind too. I’ve never been so terrified in my life.

The only thing I saw was Haley, in the corner of my vision; and she too didn’t move. I still felt her hand in mine, but it felt stiff and unnatural. I didn’t see much of her, just part of her head.

My eyes were locked on the woman in front of us; the young mother with the stroller hidden behind her body. She too didn’t move. She too was just frozen.

Honestly, I thought I was going to die; it felt as if I was slowly suffocating. I expected that any moment my mind would stop working. But it just kept going. I can’t really say for how long, it felt incredibly long, but maybe that’s not true. I’m just not sure.

That’s when I heard the voices behind me. “Stop; you are subject to a random search.” There was another voice that protested, but the second voice was scared. The first voice demanded a bag and told someone to spread their legs. The second voice said that it didn’t want to. The first voice said that it would arrest the other person. The second voice said that it was a violation of his rights. The first voice said that he would have to ask the courts about that.

Still, my eyes were focused on the woman in front of me. And the woman still hadn’t moved. But I heard steps coming from behind me. The steps came fast and they sounded as if they were double taps; always one stronger noise followed by a weaker one.

I felt it coming closer. There was no wind, no smell – just the tap-tap steps getting quickly louder. And then it turned into view. It didn’t even look at me, it just walked straight past me; this thin, shiny black figure.

Its skin looked like that of a bug; hard and reflective, but very smooth. And its legs had an extra bend, as if it had two knees, and they ended in what looked more than a hand than a foot, with a larger area, like four fingers, that tapped the floor first, and then a smaller appendage towards the backside.

It moved forward with fast steps, and every time it took a step its thin, hard body first rocked forwards and then a bit backwards when the smaller appendage made the weaker, second tap.

It walked straight forward; straight toward the woman with the stroller. This head, a bit like a compressed version of a hammerhead shark’s head but with a rough but shiny texture, only began to move when it came closer to the stroller.

I heard the two voices arguing in the back; the policeman telling the other person that he would have to calm down, and the other person getting angry. But then the other person was quiet and the policeman said “Good, it won’t take long.”

The figure curved around the stroller and its head began to stretch from the body. Not far, not more in length than maybe a human hand is long, but still visibly, it was stretching forward and down – and then the whole body bent forward over the stroller. Its left arm grabbed forward, toward the stroller. Then it came back into view and it was holding what looked like the baby. But the baby was completely stiff and still; like a plastic doll.

The left arm was dangling down from the creature, some part of it at the end, like a mitt, wrapped around the stiff baby leg. Then the other arm reached up. I saw that it was holding something; something skin-colored. The right arm too disappeared behind the woman’s body and into the stroller. I saw it moving, as if it was arranging something.

Then the creature turned around, the stiff baby still in its hand swung against the woman’s leg.

I felt as if my heart should have been beating fast, but my chest was still silent and stiff. I heard another voice from behind, somebody complaining; there was a rumbling, like a fight or a person being pushed on the ground. A male voice screamed and a female voice said loudly that he had the right to remain silent.

When it walked past me again I saw its face; it walked right through my view. There was a round opening, similar to a pursed lip, in the lower part of its flat face. Then there were thin, open stripes above it, like deep scars or a fish’s gills, but all black and in the same shiny black. The head retreated back close to the body and the two round things at the end of the hammerhead-like appendages seemed to be moving, as if they were scanning the area. There was something white inside of them.

I felt a slight wind when it walked past me. In the corner of my vision I still saw the baby dangling, with closed eyes and stiff arms and legs and the mitten-like fingers wrapped around the leg.

The voices behind me, back on the stairs, were arguing and the first and second voice I had heard were now also screaming.

It walked straight. It nearly walked against Haley, but in the last second its foot made an extra tapping noise and it change direction, it swung around the corner the way or a car or a bicycle leans into a fast curve.

Something in the stroller began to scream like a baby.

I heard the tap-tap sounds walking away. Some metal door slammed shut. Then the tapping sounds were gone. The baby screams stayed.

In just one instant I felt air gushing through my throat; I blinked; my chest widened; my legs went soft and my foot hit the ground at the wrong angle; the young mother said “Ouch.”

Haley caught me before I fell. My knee still hit the ground. Haley shouted “Careful!” and pulled me back up. A voice behind me said “Fine, we’ll let you go.”

But all I could see, all I could look at was the woman ahead of us; the way she pulled the screaming body out of the stroller and the way she held it to her chest and cradled it.

Haley pulled me past the woman.

The baby looked real, it looked normal. It tightly held onto the woman’s fingers.

Haley told me to stop staring.

The baby stopped crying. It smiled; it opened its mouth.

Just for a moment, just when Haley pulled me around the corner, I thought I saw the baby pursing its lips.

This is my story, originally I published it on Reddit.

They are breeding.

When I interviewed her Cristina had not yet recovered from the attack. To be attacked right on the street is one thing. To be so badly scratched that one’s face is bare recognizable anymore is another. But to have your unborn child cut out of your body is something hard to process. It is a trauma that can and will never leave Cristina. I wasn’t surprised that she had lost touch with reality, and I presume her account contained a lot of confabulation, a mechanism that our mind uses to protect itself from unacceptable memories.

It took a while until the anxiety medication took its effect. During that time Cristina did not much more than shout, sob, and repeat the same phrases – “It wasn’t my baby. That wasn’t a baby! How many times do I have to say that? Do some blood tests, examine me, check! Do something! It wasn’t a baby!”

That the soothing pills took effect became clear when first the shouting faded away, then the sobbing. I am not usually the type to promote medicating those that have experienced horrible things, but the positive effects the medication had for Cristina were clear.

“Why does nobody believe me?” Her voice had taken a somber, almost depressed tone. “I’ve been on contraceptives for the last four years. And with Eric out of the country I barely even had sex, except for the few times that he came home.” Continue reading