Please don’t let them purge us

Please, this just can’t be happening. Please just listen.

They took my neighbors four days ago. I don’t know how many others they took already, but they keep coming.

I’m from Furtwood, Alberta. We have at least four hundred people here, but there’s not much else around. If you look on the map, we’re just a few miles North of Pelican Lake and Northeast of the 813. But we’re being purged. I swear to God, we’re being purged. A month ago we were on Google Maps everything, but now we’re just gone. They’ve photoshopped the satellite image. Fucking hell, you can still see the beginning of the roads, but our town is just gone.

There were lights in the sky three weeks ago. Nothing really spectacular, but a lot of people here saw them. It was a formation like an arrow, at least twelve or so, but they were too far to see the shape of the individual ones. They flew by around 9pm and it was dark as hell and it’s freezing here, so there were not many people out, but they were bright and blinking, so some people saw them and told others and at least a hundred people saw them. There was even a discussion on our amateur radio channel, that it might be aliens or military and one of the guys on air said he was sure that he saw one of them going down; that one of the lights broke formation and went down.

We’re all scared. We’re so fucking scared. People don’t dare to admit anymore that they saw them, but before they came I talked to several of my neighbors and they all saw them. My sister called me from the other end of town when they were in the sky, her son had seen them. And now my sister’s family is missing too.

Some people called the police station from the town over, because we don’t really have our own. And everything escalated from there. Really, fuck, by 11pm the phone lines were dead. We didn’t think much of it; that happens a lot with the snow and temperatures we get here, but in the morning the cell signal was gone too.

And around noon there were the first raids.

Those were armored vehicles and they wore military uniforms, but not ours – they definitely didn’t look like our Armed Forces. There was no writing or anything, to indicate who they were, and the vehicles were just white and their uniforms black or maybe dark green. But they literally broke through the front doors of four or five houses and pulled the people out. Like, they didn’t even allow them to dress or anything, they just pulled them out and then fucking set the houses on fire.

The cell signal was back while they were here, as if they were carrying their own signal. But I couldn’t call anyone; I tried to call the police and then the press, but the call just dropped dead.

A few of our guys had satellite phones and a group of us tried to reach nearby police and radio and everything, but each time when we said who we were the connections just dropped, or maybe they hung up. Now when we try to use the phones we can’t even get through anymore, it’s as if our numbers are blacklisted or something.

There were a few that took their cars to get to Slave Lake nearby, but we never heard back from them. And later, when a few others went by snowmobile to find if they were stuck – they saw the cars in the distance, half covered in snow but still near the road with the doors open, and there was nobody inside. One of the guys tried to get a closer look while the others stayed back, but when he got to the cars he just fell of his snowmobile. Literally just fell over, to the side, and the guys said they didn’t hear a shot. But once he fell there were people running towards him and they pulled him out of sight. We still haven’t heard from him.

And then the same night there were more raids. They went for the families of those that went by car. My cousin Andy was one of the guys that went by snowmobile and in the morning they came and got him and his family and his sister’s family. Andy lived in the house that our grandparents had built by hand, and those fuckers just burned the whole thing down.

It hasn’t stopped since then. Since then we can’t leave town. We have plenty of food and firewood stored, that’s what you do in this area, but we can’t leave. Everyone that tried to leave, even if they swear to come back “no matter what,” they just disappear and the same evening or next morning those military come and storm their house and then they usually lead the women and children out and the men are carried out, as if they’re either shot or tranquilized like animals.

Fuck this, really, fuck this. When they come I can sometimes use internet on my phone with the cell signal they bring, but most websites are blocked and for those that work, like fucking Fox News, I just can’t login or post anything on the site. Emails all don’t work, Google doesn’t work, VoIP doesn’t work. There are some entertainment sites that we can get on for those few minutes they are here, as if they want to make fun of us. And Google Maps, as if they want to show us that we don’t exist anymore.

Two couples tried to go by ski. One of the guys was my friend and I told them that was suicide, but they left anyway and promised they’d get help if they got anywhere. That was nine days ago and they left at night and I think they fucking froze to death.

This is so fucking lonely. You can’t imagine this; we’re still at least 200 people, but nobody dares to talk to each other anymore. It feels like they are watching us at all times, to see who might know something and who talks to whom and when they come they always take several families at once and it’s usually relatives or good friends. I mean Andy, he went on the snowmobile and they also went for a few of the others with satellite phones and then some that tried to get out of town and their family, but with her I still have no fucking clue why they would take her. Her husband died last year and I’m sure she’d never risk anything. My nephew is not even twelve yet and she’d never endanger him, but they fucking broke into their house in the middle of the night and when I woke up in the morning there was just a heap of ashes.

I buried all my valuables and photo albums and stuff in the snow. If they take us I want at least those memories to survive. I don’t want to be eliminated or purged or whatever this is.

My neighbor, he tried to shoot at them. He took his hunting rifle with three other men – and when these people came the next time the three attacked. My neighbor hid in a heap of snow and the other two behind a charred house. They tried to snipe these military off, but that just didn’t work. They shot and I swear they are great marksmen, but the military just didn’t fall down. And he said a moment later the other two fell and stopped moving. As if something had tranquilized or killed them, but he didn’t hear any shot and he didn’t see anything flying towards them and no blood. And my neighbor just covered himself in snow and watched as the other two were pulled into one of the trucks.

And at night the trucks came back and took the guys’ families and fucking purged their houses and then they came for my neighbor. I didn’t hear any shots being fired, but they carried him out.

They looked like normal people, but in really thick armor. Like, as if you pack people in tank armor and paint it black and give them a massive helmet. I could hear their armor clanking even over in my house. And they just pulled my neighbor and his wife out on stretchers and his kids were just walking behind them in their pajamas and they looked horrified.

They’ve not been here since they took my neighbor, but I guess it’s just a matter of time. I feel like I can’t even talk about this with my wife anymore, because they might hear us somehow and then they’ll fuck us up too.

I hope when they come I finally find a website where I can post this. If you read this, please just get this message out. I don’t even care anymore why they are doing this. I beg you, please just don’t let them purge us.

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