The Hotel

For a change I took part in a friendly little writing competition (please don’t comment on my post over there). It’s just for fun and practice, not for any price or profit.

Here’s the prompt I had to write about:

No end to the daylight when on the run….

In a foreign country, our protagonists put up in a hotel. It is a sweltering summer and there seems to be no end to the daylight. Our protagonists wait and wait for the sun to dip, but it doesn’t. Fed up, they head down to the reception, wary of the people still on their trail (since the job they’d pulled back home). What’s the worst they could find?

And here is my response:

The Hotel

Claire wiped the sweat off her face. Her eyes were still fixed on the dry group of trees in the distance.

I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her; the fitted gray shirt she always wore, a long ponytail and gray pants so tight that I didn’t need to imagine what she wore below. I tried to see her in a dress.

She straightened her back.

“They’ll try to free him again,” she said. “We should make a move.”

Her eyes were on me.


She walked down the gravel path and towards the large glass door. I was a few steps behind her.

She didn’t even bother to turn her head.

“Are you done staring?”

Four big steps and I had caught up with her.

Definitely not the type to wear a dress.

Her hand reached the door handle before mine.

“Enough,” she said. “We have to deal with this.”

Claire pulled the door open and I hurried inside after her. We followed the carpet towards the stairs and past the dark stains that covered the back of the reception wall.

Bare cement stairs. Not the thing you expect from a four star hotel.

He sat on the third floor corridor, on top of the pile of wood that was still a door when we left the room.

“I thought you had him on a leash?”

She knew I had attached the leash. She had seen me do it and then she had checked that it was tight enough.

Claire quickly walked towards him.


She pointed towards the open doorway but the fat man didn’t move.

“Inside!” she shouted again.

He raised his hands too slowly and her foot kicked straight against the muzzle.

He slammed backwards against the doorframe. I heard the bones crack when her second kick broke his ribcage.

He squeaked like the pig that he was. When Claire raised her leg again he quickly scrambled into the room.

“God,” she said. “Why can’t I just kill him now?”

I followed her inside. The man was cowering behind the stained double bed.

“They want him alive,” I said.

“Fucking genes. What is it about his fucking genes?”

“It’s not his fault.”

“Ah,” she said. “Born a killer and so it’s not his fault?”

Claire stepped towards the man and raised her leg again. He crawled backwards, away from her. For the first time, with this fear in his eyes, I thought he looked human.

“You know what I mean,” I said. “It’s not his fault that they try to replace us.”

Claire spat on the fat man’s chest.

I stepped towards the bed.

“Don’t touch me,” she said.

Then she turned and stepped to the window. The bright sun made her face look soft, innocent even.

“You have to admit, he’s effective,” I said.


“He cleared the whole hotel on his own.”


Her eyes were now on me. Her voice was trembling.

“That’s what you call ‘cleared’?”

Her right hand, the one with the bite mark, was pointing towards the bed.

“Well,” I said. “If those had been enemies…”

The back of Claire’s right hand hit my face. I stumbled backwards towards the bed, but just caught my balance before I fell on the stained sheets.


“Don’t fucking defend them,” she said.

“You have to accept that we’ll be replaced.”

“Fine,” she said. “Replace me. But not with that!”

“He’s just a prototype!”

Claire stepped towards me and my legs bumped backwards against the bed. Her face was so close that I could feel her breath. Smell her scent.

“Are you insane?” she whispered.

I thought about kissing her. My face moved slightly closer to hers. She kept her position and her angry expression.

“No,” I said.

“Look at the suitcases. Look at the clothes. There were children in this room.”

I swallowed.

“What do you think where they are?” she asked.

I knew the answer but I shrugged.

“He was in this building for a week,” she said. “And look around you! He didn’t even leave the bones!”

She walked away before I could decide about the kiss.

“As said, he’s pretty effective.”

“No mind,” she said. “Uncontrollable!”

“So what?”

“Imagine they attack again,” she said. “You know what will happen if we take the muzzle off?”

“He’ll kill them.”

“Sure,” she said. “But first he’ll kill us.”

I looked at him. The naked body. The big stomach.

The muzzle was still on his face.

Still I recognized his grin.

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    1. meme-com-poop

      I really like it. I hope you decide to make this one a 3 or 4 part series and put it on nosleep. There’s definitely more to this story.


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