Please Get Me Out Of Here

I’ve been in here all night and I can still hear them outside, sometimes driving by with trucks and sometimes speaking or shouting commands in a rough language that I can’t even identify.

The same 7:45 pm intercity train I take every day to get home. We were just twenty minutes out of the city and it was getting dark outside. But everything was going fine, we were even on schedule.

There was no warning. Nothing. A bright flash and a bang so loud that my ears are still ringing even now – and suddenly I was flying through the train.

I can’t get those sounds out of my head. The bang, the squeaking and crunching of metal. And the screams. It all happened so fast that I don’t even know whether I screamed too.

I don’t remember landing, just that some sort of metal bar was in front of me. My forehead is swollen and throbbing. It’s hard to think.

When I woke up there were screams for help. Moaning everywhere. I was lying on a seat but shards were all over my face and even in my mouth. The carriage wasn’t standing straight anymore.

There were people outside; two or three that must have climbed out of the train. They were shouting for help and waving to someone. Then they one fell over backwards. The other screamed and he too sank to the ground.

It was a bit like steps, barely audible through all the noise. But then there were more screams outside. I saw someone running too, but he fell and screamed and suddenly stopped screaming.

Shots. Those were silenced shots.

They went into the other carriage first, the one that somehow ended up nearly opposite to ours. A few people were trying to climb outside of ours but I didn’t manage to move my legs. I didn’t even think about it; I pulled myself up into the luggage rack, crawled behind a large backpack and covered myself with some sort of raincoat.

Everything smelled of burning plastic and gunpowder and then something acidic that made my nose and throat burn. I stuffed one of the backpack’s shoulder straps into my mouth to stop myself from coughing.

Those screams. I can’t forget those screams. There were children even, those high voices filled with fear and one boy was calling for his mother. And then, over and over again, that sound similar to someone kicking a stone. And with every one of those sounds one of the screams stopped.

They broke through the door. I heard it crashing and then the glass door breaking. Who knows why that thing was even still intact. And then their steps, crunchin and stamping through the carriage.

And every few seconds these sounds; like someone kicking a stone or maybe like a stone hitting against a window but with a hollow sound afterwards.

I counted at least six steps – three people. They didn’t speak. They just stepped forward and then those clicking sounds came and then the sound of bodies falling to the ground and sometimes a scream or moan stopped.

There was a man begging for his life. He sounded like a young guy. He said he would do anything and begged them to let him go. They didn’t even let him finish that sentence. Just ‘click’ and then that dull sound of his body falling.

They walked right below me. They even stopped there for a moment. I held my breath. I was sure I would die.

There were two clicks. Then they walked on. First one, then the second. The third seemed to pause again.

I thought he would see me. He said something, like a sentence of croaking sounds, and another replied with just one word. There was a clicking sound and something metallic was hit inside the backpack. I felt how the shot pushed the backpack forward. Then he kept walking.

They finished the whole carriage. Slowly they walked through it with their clicks. I had to force every fibre in my body to stop myself from shaking. One by one the moans and finally the last whimpering stopped.

I heard them enter and leave another carriage. Then they were discussing outside; loudly. Suddenly there was a loud voice, like an “Ah!” and then someone screamed in English.

“It’s not me. It’s not me!”

He kept screaming that, over and over, while they seemed to be talking over him.

“Please stop! I’m the wrong guy! Oh god, please stop!”

I heard the punches hit hit body and with every punch he begged them to stop.

He was crying and then they must have pulled him away. His voice got more distant and then they threw him in a truck and the truck drove off.

“Please don’t!” he screamed “I’ll do anything! Anything!”

That must have been nine hours ago. Nine. Hours.

I’m freezing. I’m thirsty. I’m in pain.

Twice they walked through the train again, as if they were looking for something. Mostly I heard them takling and arguing from a bit of distance away, maybe from inside another carriage.

That language. I never heard anythign like it; more a roaring than spoken words and interrupted by vowels and “L”s and “M”s.

At about 4 am the noises stopped for a longer time, but when I tried to sneak out I saw one of them standing outside the carriage.

Since then I haven’t dared to move. I don’t even dare to call anyone but none of my texts get sent. I sent emails to two dozen people. Jeff, Nick, Carlie, Ahmed, for the love of god, please check your emails! Why don’t you respond? Why don’t you call the police or military or just anybody?

I hope this goes out. Please, for the love of god, somebody end this. Somebody, get me out of here!

It’s been fifteen hours now. Fifteen hours. No police, no military, nothing! There are trains all day on this route! People must have seen this fucking wreck.

I think this message still wasn’t sent. My phone shows me I have connection but it just won’t work.

About forty minutes ago there were some more shouts outside and I think at least two trucks drove off. Just now one of them walked through the train again and I heard him pour something all over the carriage. Now it doesn’t just smell of burnt plastic but also of petrol.

I can still hear them speaking outside, at least two of them.

I want to run but I’m too fucking scared.

Holy god, somebody please send help. Somebody please get me out of here.

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