Deep down you knew. And you stayed quiet. – K.

Trigger warning!

A man. The hands tied behind his back, a piece of cloth stuffed in his mouth, his legs bent sidewards. He was placed in the wooden box while alive. It can take up to ten days to die from dehydration.

A white piece of paper stuck to the box with two blue pins.

That’s how you brought me here.


A woman. Her arms tied behind her back. Her lips torn off her face. Her tongue pierced with a fork. A knife in her shoulder. She died from loss of blood.

A white piece of paper, nailed to her chest.

That’s how you made me feel safe. How you fooled me with kind words.

I trusted you. You betrayed me.


Two men. Naked. Their arms and legs each tied to a metal bed frame. Soiled mattresses. Their mouths held open with a strong plastic ring.

Wooden poles stuck deep in their throats; not deep enough for them to suffocate.

Wooden poles stuck deep inside their anuses; they broke through the intestine deep into the flesh.

Their penises removed, chopped into small pieces, the pieces in their mouths.

White pieces of paper on their foreheads. The pins pierced deep into their skulls.

That’s how you broke me.

For you only hours. For me it was months.


Two young men, their bodies found right behind the reception of a closed hotel. Their hands cuffed. Their mouths sewn shut. Their ears sliced off. Their eyeballs gouged out of their skulls.

A white piece of paper, pinned to the telephone.

You saw me.

You heard me.

You knew I was there.

You never said a word.


Fourteen men, most in suits, killed one after the other over six months. The skin of their hands peeled off. A wallet pushed deep into their throats. Penis and scrotum removed with a saw. A wooden pole rammed again and again deep into their loins.

A white paper, pinned to the end of the wooden pole.

That’s how you used me.


A woman. Her screams pierced deep into the meeting rooms. Her body, in flames, right outside the parliament. She brought gasoline. She set the flames herself.

The smell stayed for days.

The stones are still black where her body burned.

A white piece of paper, pinned to a nearby tree.

They forced me here.

They fooled me.

They broke me.

They didn’t help.

They raped me.

You sat in a white palace. You let it happen.

I am just one of many.