Tonight’s story…

I will keep tonight’s story for a special occasion. Instead I publish a story I wrote initially in May and submitted to a contest at the time. It wasn’t successful, but in return you get it here!

The Best Friend

We rang the doorbell and my mother answered.

“I brought a friend,” I said. “This is Dalton.”

“Oh,” my mother replied. “I thought that would happen someday.”

There was a crowd of kids at the back of the class laughing about something. One of the girls kept saying “Eww.” When I shoved my way through their ranks I found him in the middle. He sat on the floor and a squeaking mouse was wriggling in his hand. Just the tips of the mouse’s feet touched the floor and it desperately moved its legs to try and grab hold. Every so often its legs touched the blue plastic floor, but Dalton didn’t allow it to run away.

When I reached the front of the crowd Dalton looked up.

“You,” he said. “Hold her for me.”

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