This important. Not joke. Problem lake Partowin. Please tell more!

Please read. This important. Told us “Not talk” but danger for many. Get away from water.

You have heard lake Vostok drilling project. I work engineer at brother project lake Partowin. Old old lake under ice but not deep as Vostok. Not famous because Vostok more deep.

Before three days we first drill into Partowin. I not know what found but after was smell and people loud.

After helicopters came and brought important people and soldiers. All wear plastic.

Soldiers told us “go to beds” and after men with weapon stood outside doors. They covered glass so we not see.

Before sun rise soldier came in house. Woke us up and said to cover eyes. When we asked “No” he showed gun to us.

Make us walk to helicopter with eyes cover. Walking soft, not feel normal snow or ice. It feel walking mattress or long grass. And smell very bad. Smell old egg and old flesh.

In helicopter man told us “do eyes cover” and told gun was there.

Helicopter went high.

We are too many in seat. Man next to me scratched head. He pushed my eyes cover. I look.

Whole ground was purple. All purple. Big area purple.

Soldier was other seat. He looked outside not do see me. I act eyes closed but look out.

Much area purple. Partowin station. Cars. Frozen trees. Ice on lake. Houses. All purple.

Some minute I saw hunting village. All purple. People outside houses running and hands to helicopter. One falled and others not look at him. Still run after helicopter.

I wanted say but not allowed. I saw soldier saw village. He not told helicopter driver. We not stop.

Outside purple growing high speed. I saw purple growing. Purple near tree but tree white from far. Two minute we go over tree and tree it purple.

Man next to start moving arm fast then old food out of mouth on floor. Soldier told driver helicopter down. We land where white snow.

He told man next to “go out”. Man don’t go out, more food on floor. Soldier says “sick not possible”. He shows gun to man. Man go out. Fall in snow. Tells “take me.” But soldier close door and helicopter go high.

Two or three hour are in helicopter. Soldier say no talk no looki. Then helicopter down in city. I think military station.

Soldier say “clothes out” and we clothes and shoes out. He put oil and burns clothes.

Soldier says “clean body”. But he give vodka not water.

Gave new clothes. Other soldier ask questions to lake Partowin project.

He ask “You see odd thing?”

I say “No”. Not say I saw purple.

He ask “You there when drill come up?”

I say “No” second time.

He ask more thing I say “No” all time. After he tells “go”.

When I go out I hear friend in other room. He says “don’t hurt” and says “please have wife have children”.

Others are now in bedroom but friend not. I think soldier hurt friend. They say “friend not was here”.

I think water not good. Purple was water, ice, snow. But purple not on dry trees. Purple

Soldiers say “No use toilet and water”. Soldiers gave bottles for drinking.

I ask telephone they say “not possible.” I ask “please phone friend” he shows gun.

I think water problem. Purple grows in water.

See dark smoke from way we came. I think they put fire in forest to stop water.

I think big danger. That is at night I and other man go out of military station. Not allowed.

This day I saw news. Does not show Partowin. Does not show purple.

I think danger. No money I not can go away.

I go in internet room email friends and mother. I try writing on Russian news site. Does not show. That is I write English.

Please tell more.

This important. Not fun!

Please tell more!

Get away from water. Water not good. Purple grows in water.

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