Icarus and James

Icarus was a figure of Greek myth.

James was the son of a friend.

Icarus was born as the son of the skilled inventor Daedalus and Daedalus’ wife, a former slave.

James was born as the son of the skilled engineer Daniel and Daniel’s wife, a teacher.

Daedalus and his son had been locked in a tower on the island of Crete.

Daniel and his son had been locked in a gray apartment complex in an American industrial city.

Daedalus collected feathers and wax to build wings that would carry Icarus to freedom.

Daniel saved money for education that would allow his son to leave the city.

Icarus flew with the wings and escaped the tower.

James walked home from school.

Icarus had been warned: “Don’t fly too close to the sun, else your wings might melt.”

James had been warned: “Don’t take the shortcut through the back door, else the older kids might catch you.”

Icarus flew too high.

James took the back door.

The sun was hot, too hot for the wax in Icarus’ wings.

The grades were good, “too good” thought the older kids.

When the sun hit Icarus’ wings they started to melt.

When the fists hit James’ face it started to bleed.

His exhilaration made Icarus fly too high.

The older kids forced James on the roof.

When his wings started to melt, Icarus screamed for his father.

When his ribs started to break, James screamed for his father.

When he began to fall from the sky, Icarus prayed to the gods and cried.

When he was pushed to the edge of the roof, James pleaded with the older kids and cried.

Icarus’ body was swallowed by the sea.

James’ body smashed into cement.

Icarus lent his name to the island of Icaria.

James lent his name to a well-polished stone.

This is my story, originally I published it on Reddit.

2 thoughts on “Icarus and James

  1. L.A.J. Ray

    I have a strange admiration for the story of Icarus. I have also experienced being treated like crap because of my personality and my, not to to sound vain, intellectual ability. Your story is a really cool parallel connection between two extreme stories of high aspirations being destroyed by natural forces (the sun/human envy and hatred). I really liked it!

    I’m in a creative writing class in college at the moment so I’ve been reading around in short stories. I’ve also heard a few of your stories on the Nosleep Podcast. I like your ideas and style. Thanks for your entertaining writing!


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