Skype, behind the screen

Kyle stared long at my mobile phone, as if he feared it would attack him at any moment.

“I mean, everybody uses Skype. I know you won’t believe me. Nobody believes me. This is just too weird.”

Kyle shook his head.

“I had this computer for nearly a year and there was never anything wrong with it. For at least six months I didn’t even have a bluescreen. It worked perfectly. And then I installed Skype.”

“I had it installed before, but it kept bothering me when it started with the computer, so I uninstalled it. But when Chelly went on holidays she asked me to install it so we could talk for free while she was abroad.”

Kyle sighed.

“I didn’t even bother with it until she was gone. But I knew Chelly would be upset if I didn’t have it ready when she arrived. She likes to be a drama queen; my princess is just like that.” Kyle smiled. “And the installation went all normal. There was this usual warning from Windows and I clicked okay and then there were two or three screens and it was all done.”

“That night Chelly didn’t even go online. Double standard I call that – I always have to be online when she wants me to be. But, whatever. The thing is, after I went to bed I left my computer on. I never do that, you know, saving electricity and stuff. But I thought Chelly might still call.”

Kyle seemed to sink under the table.

“I don’t know what time it was exactly. It must have been 2am or so, definitely long after midnight, when I woke up. And I was connected to somebody else on Skype, but it wasn’t Chelly. Skype is not meant to connect you unless you click on the green button, is it? It was really strange, there were a few people on the other side, definitely a male and a female and their faces were blurry, but they were staring into the camera. It was really creepy, but I quickly ended the connection and shut my computer down.”

His eyes were again focused on my phone.

“Is that thing on? Please turn it off. Please.”

I took the phone, showed Kyle that it was turned off, and he relaxed.

“Sorry about that. It’s just, you know, with smartphones and everything, you never know where it is, where theyare.”

He breathed in deeply.

“I think I slept normally for the rest of the night. I thought it was just some weird glitch. But I wasn’t sure whether it was just some sort of nightmare, because in the morning my computer was running again, and Skype was on fullscreen mode. But I wasn’t connected to anyone else and the log didn’t show anything.”

“I talked to Chelly during the day and she told me that all was fine and that actually she had been angry at me because she didn’t see me online. It took me a while to convince her that I had installed Skype and that I was online, but in the end we had a nice conversation and Chelly told me how much she enjoyed the beach and everything.”

“The thing is,” Kyle paused. “I turned my laptop off during the night. I am sure of it. But I woke up again because of the laptop. The screen was really bright and the moment I woke up I saw movement on it. It was strange, again it looked like a party, four or five really thin people in black clothes were moving behind the screen. From their shapes I could see that two of them looked female, but their faces were really blurry.”

“I quickly turned the laptop off, but then, it was around five in the morning, my phone woke me up. It was a call from Chelly and she was really upset and angry at the other end. She was ranting something, that I should tell her in advance when I have friends over and that I shouldn’t wake her up without good reason.”

“We actually had a fight then, and it turned out that somehow she got a Skype call on her laptop that looked as if it was from me, but it turned out to be somebody else that must have called accidentally.”

Kyle rubbed his eyes.

“I was really weirded out by that. But still I played it off, that there had just been some strange malfunction. I actually thought that it was something with my account, that it had maybe been connected with somebody else’s or so. At least that would explain why I kept getting calls myself.”

“The day afterwards was horrible. I was tired all the time and I couldn’t concentrate at all on my work. But then the night was even worse, when I came home and Chelly wasn’t online. And again I woke up at night from some strange lights and movements. It were the same slim figures in black, but they seemed to be closer to the screen. I barely saw their bodies, it was as if their hands and faces were pushing towards the camera, as if they were basically fighting for being in view. And still, they were really blurry. I slammed the laptop shut and I even unplugged it, but this image, those thin bodies pushing towards the camera, it kept me from sleeping.”

Kyle absent-mindedly pulled his lips with his right hand.

“The conversation in the morning with Chelly was really strange. I went online and right away she was shouting at me, without warning, accusing me of not being online and of ‘leaving her alone’. Then Chelly cancelled the call and for the rest of the day she didn’t go online.”

“I talked to her in the evening, maybe around six. She was online and when I skyped her she kept saying these weird things, that it was nice that I had come, but she was really angry and kept saying that I had left her alone. I really didn’t understand why she was so angry. And at some point she either ended the call or the connection was interrupted. It was mid-sentence, and suddenly Chelly was offline.”

“But that night was the strangest. My laptop was on again. I was sure I had turned it off, but around 3am the light woke me up. The screen was the first thing I saw, but there was just an empty room with white walls on it. It was really surreal. And then there was a soft knock on my room door and Chelly came in.”

“I was really surprised, I mean, she had booked for two weeks. But it was Valentine’s day; I thought maybe it was a surprise, that she had planned it like that. And she wearing this nice lingerie; I’ve never seen that on her. She didn’t even say a word, she just kissed me and I smelled her sweet smell and not even a minute later she was riding me. It was really the best sex we had for a long time; it was so intense, so passionate.”

Kyle looked at me.

“Really, I’m sure it wasn’t a dream. It felt far too real. But then in the morning she was gone, and my laptop was still running. But it was sitting on the floor for some reason. And it was leaning against the table so that the screen was lying flat on the floor and the keyboard was up against the table. I figured it just fell down when Chelly sneaked out, but honestly, it was just strange.”

“I called Chelly and she was incredibly happy to see me. She told me what a great night she had and I told her the same. But it was strange that she was back in her hotel. I thanked her for her visit and Chelly pulled a really strange face, and then we were disconnected. The only thing frozen on the screen was her face, with an open mouth with this quizzing expression in her eyes.”

Kyle pushed my phone to the edge of the table. I pocketed it.

“I tried to talk to her again at night, and I saw that Chelly was online, but she just didn’t answer. I tried it for at least fifteen minutes, again and again, but Skype just kept ringing without any reaction.”

“So, after a while, I went to bed again. I figured she was just angry for whatever reason. Still, just in case, I left the laptop on so that she could call me back.”

Kyle was speaking faster.

“I really don’t know how else to say it, but when I woke up I saw these weird shadows in my room and I knew that something was wrong. I looked up and I saw the movements on the laptop, there were three figures again. I’m sure I hadn’t called anybody, but still they were staring at me, but suddenly this one guy on the screen moved backwards, the others moved away, and this guy ran towards the camera. And then I saw his hand coming out, and just a fraction of a second later his arm and the rest of his body!”

“He was right in my room, jumping out of my damn screen. I screamed and he quickly backed in the shadow, and then I saw how there were two other figures standing there. Another guy, and both the guys’ faces were covered in shadows, but there was also a girl, and she looked exactly like Chelly.”

“I screamed at Chelly to move away from the figures, but instead her face stretched really widely and she ran towards the screen and somehow she stepped inside my laptop. I know it sounds insane, but she stepped right inside my laptop!”

“And then the other two ran right after her. I was just frozen in bed. These guys were at least as tall as me, but they just stepped inside the laptop and it was as if they disappeared inside it. For a moment I saw the room again on the screen, four of these figures arguing, and then a fifth one, a larger guy, fell into view, and right afterwards my screen went black.”

Kyle grabbed the table.

“It took me nearly ten minutes to unlock my phone. It kept telling me that I entered the wrong unlock pattern. But when I finally had it on, just in the same moment, I got a call from Chelly. She screamed at me, how I had left and why I had left and how I would dare to just leave her like that, with Skype running and people watching us. She was really outraged and she kept screaming and didn’t let me explain. She even accused me of charging money to others for watching us have sex.”

“I heard some crashing sound. And then the connection was lost.”

Kyle’s voice cracked.

“I called the hotel and asked them to put me through, but they said nobody answered in the room. I begged them to check, over and over again, but they cited all sort of stuff about hotel policy until I said that I would call the police. Then they finally said they would go to check. I stayed on the line.”

“It took about ten minutes for the receptionist to come back. He said that ‘the woman in the room’ was very upset and that she had refused to talk to me and that I should stop calling the hotel. But at least I knew that she was alright.”

“I kept Skype online all day, and I kept trying to call Chelly, and even her family, but none of them answered the phone. I actually didn’t talk to her since then at all. She just refused to have anything to do with me or to let me explain anything. But at least my laptop stopped acting weird.”

Kyle cried.

“I don’t know if I’m going insane. I mean, it’s been two months and maybe I just have some sort of memory disorder; maybe I just don’t remember what happened. Or maybe it’s her. But last week Chelly called me. She said that she still hadn’t forgiven me for ‘the camwhore stuff’, but that she wanted to talk to me. She refused to tell me anything else on the phone.”

“I met her not even an hour later. And when I saw her sitting at the table, crying, I just went to hug her. She hugged me back, and then she repeated it: ‘I still can’t forgive you for that’, and she added ‘but I’m pregnant now.’”

This is my story, originally I published it on Reddit.

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